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First off - I'm still alive

Second off - I'll be online for a hour tops, so MSN people, bug the hell out of me please.

Third - I have plotbunnies in my head for eight days. so...I'll be doing a lot of writing.

Fourth - Best Superman canon quote.

"But you! Married to Luthor" Lois Lane to Superman.

No, I'm not giving context. Or subtext. Let youor imagination run while. She also said.

"Shut up and start squeezing the monkeys."

XD Lois Lane, you're amazing only in the cartoon show.

Oh, and before I forget.

Batman perform kareoke. CANON. XD
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You're Alive! *has not had much time to browse around much*

RE: Lois Lane.

O.O ...phfft!!! *clamps hands over face to subdue giggles* XD

Note to self: finish reading that whacked Superman fanfic you directed me to a while back. XD Mold! XDXDXD

And, uh... just to let you know so you can be freaked out by it: I got a job. o_o
Yes, but you aren't going to college this fall... are you? o.o

It's not exactly all it's chocked up to be. Very easy so far. Also a bit mind-numbing. Take things on pieces of paper and transfer 'em to a computer.

Kinda like that time I re-type Nishi's Econ paper for her.
Yep, pity me. ;-;

Squeesqueesquee! I is going to see PotC 2 today! Finally!! *loves her crazy aunt*
Arrggh!! How dare you use your Smug!Zack icon against me!? ;_;

For full ranting/raving/third installment prediction, I went and updated my lj, go see... *pokes you towards her journal*

Also... I have FINALLY become a proper Death Note Fan!! XD