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TITLE: Tomboy
FANDOM: Teen Titans
PAIRINGS: Mix. Lots of hints tossed around. OH, and Bumblebee x Cyborg.

Sometimes, Bumblebee hated being a girl. First off, there were a shortage of other girls in the Teen Titans team. Secondly, she never bothered to act like a girl, so she was usually dismissed (and then she punched people).

It was getting rather frustrating when the Titans had their usual get-togethers and everyone mingled with the same people. Robin and Speedy would hole themselves into a corner and discuss weapons (and other stuff. She refused to believe people shoot those kind of looks when talking about murder weapons), Starfire and Raven would try to make conversation with Aqualad and Beast Boy and Mas y Menos would have eating competitions.

And she would sit there, bored out of her mind.

"Video game?" Cyborg asked, pulling up beside her.

She shrugged, "Which one?"

"Alien Fighter."

She grinned, "Don't cry when I beat you."

He spluttered in igdnition as she snatched the controller from his hands and started playing. She smirked as she overtook his points. Cyborg growled, "Best two out of three."

Bumblebee smirked, "Sure."

Sometimes, it wasn't so bad really.


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