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Thought on Spike, Vicious and Julia

Cowboy Bebop ranting and jumbling because I felt like it. SPOILERIFIC.

Cowboy Bebop. The show really doesn't follow any coherent plot or storyline. Rather it's a jumbles of reality, morality, science fiction and character development tossed into one anime. Really, what deepened and broadened anime starts from Hajime Yatate's brain child.

But I'm talking about that. I'm talking about three central characters. Well, as central as Julia can be, considering you only see Julia in the second last episode.

So OT3 = Spike/Julia/Vicious could work. They have a shared past, Julia slept with both of them.

Could work, but it was Julia that drove them apart. Julia was the wedge between Spike and Vicious. I can't remember when I got into Spike and Vicious, but it was definitely around the fifth episode -Ballad of Fallen Angels-

Spike and Vicious go back a lot further than Julia. I could be wrong, could be right. Canon doesn't give me a lot to work with. But I do remember this -

Spike: Begging doesn’t work on you, remember? Even if it came from the man who took you in and made everything you are now.

So they were either raised together or something along the lines. I'm guessing it has something to do with Mao and the other guy in the photo with Annie.

...Why am I even going on about this?

Fuck, I want alcohol. I'm definitely feeling depressed. And repressed. Whatever. Alcohol. OR chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
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