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HIMENO NEARLY MADE ME CRY DAMNIT D: even though I suspected that Hayate would come in and SAVE the DAY in timely TAMAHOME/SYAORAN/EVERY SHOUNEN RETARD OUT THERE fashion. I want to hit Sasame. Hit him really hard. And then hit Takako for being a female retard.

That's all. I love Go and Mannen. And Hajime and Shin. Kei...No comments on Kei XD

And I'm a Hayate/Himeno (even though somewhere around the sixth-eighth episode, it was WAY too sap-induced. It was nicer when they were arguing XD)

But yeah, Go and Mannen interaction FTW. They made me smile. And Go randomly reminded me of Garet (Except well animated, smarter and not Jenna/Isaac oriented)

Hayate = typical shounen retard. HE IS. I DARE YOU TO DENY IT. D:

I really really liked Himeno though. XD She amused me in the earlier episodes, fizzled out later on. D: But I liiiiiiked her damnit.
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Pretear is this magic girl transforming anime based loosely on Snow White. It's horribly amusing. XD
lol. yes i've seen it. i was asking if that was what u were talking about. hehe. it is very amusing.
PREEEETEEAAR~ You're watching it! FU FU FU FU FU~~~~

It's great fangirl candy, especially near the beginning. :3 I love the younger knights XD Mannen! (see icon) Glad you're liking it so far despite the bad guys getting on your nerves. ^__^;;;

If you notice, Hayate has a lot of subtle blushing moments. I didn't catch a lot of them until my second sweepthrough. X3 X3 Teh dork! I can't believe his seiyuu is Kiba from Naruto. XD XD XD XD XD (Goh is Shikamaru.)
I know. XD I recognized your icon when I was watching it.

He does. XD He's the Shounen retard. But I like Hayate nevertheless.
o.o You found Garet re-incarnated! *is interested* And he's Smarter!? @.@ *dazed*

Damnit!! I. Want Dorm. Internet. NOW! *slams head into desk as expression of despair*
Goh and Mannen!

I liked Himeno too, even if she got on my nerves a little in some places. I sort of liked Hayate/Himeno, but I'm really more of a Hayate/Sasame fan (and a future Goh/Mannen shipper... ^_^)

I have to admit to yelling at the TV screen when Sasame was all stupid ( how I like to describe his descent into the dark side) up until then he was my favourite character. I think he still is, but sometimes you can't help but think he's a complete moron.
Hayate/Sasame has amazing chemistry in the manga, but not so much in the anime. XD In the manga, it is Sasame's great purpose to fluster Hayate.