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Dear KH Fandom, 

1) Sora is not feminine. NOR does he have a feminine personality. Sora is the main character of Kingdom Hearts for a reason. Sorry if he doesn't quite fit your seme/uke stereotypes. Axel is more feminine than Sora hey he's got the hips

2) STOP BASHING KAIRI. I may not like her, but I don't destroy her personality completely. She is not a bitch. I actually think she's cool on some occasions. But really, stop. It's stupid and its childish. She's a main character, deal with it. Sora/Riku is fine, but Kairi is important to, believe it or not.

3) Namine is not spelt "Nanime"

4) Sora does not live in an abused household. Have any of you'll live in an abused household? Come to me and we can talk therapy together. 

5)  Cloud does not cry. He broods, he has issues yes, but come on, have you ever seen the man shed a tear? Suddenly, he's wailing waterfalls over the place. 

6) Riku does not think sex all the time. Where the hell did that come from?

7) ...I don't know if anyone has started this yet or not, but please for the love of God, don't bash Aeris and Tifa. It scares me how you can bash such amazing characters.

8) King Mickey PWNS you all.

That is all. Anyone wants the PoTC: Dead Man's chest soundtrack
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I saw PoTC today and I think the end was mean, keeps me waiting until spring. T_T And hell yes, I want the soundtrack but I couldn't find it in germany yet. T_T

i've finally convinced my parents to buy me a ps2...

and i bought the first kingdom hearts...haha, i'm so behind

and now i'm stuck in Agrabah...I HATE AGRABAH!!!! It's full of boss fights and i don't like it.... ;__;

but i'm slowly improving and getting better...XD
XD you'll get there, don't worry.

But buying a PS2 now? the PS3 is coming out soon y'know.
People make me cringe when they describe Sora being too feminine and make him giggle. D= Which is kinda sad since I can actually imagine him doing that. But only when he's younger, I swear!

Ah, PoTC:DM, why haven't I seen you yet~? ♥
'Cause the movie theaters were always sold out and my source of transportation is lazy. =D But I know spoilers, ooooooooh!
Spoilers, shmoilers. It feels a lot better when you've watched it. Besides, I have a sekrit movie spoiler to share. :D
I would rather watch it too, but then my friends and family have been telling me all the crap about it. D= They're so meeeeeeeeean.

...and I don't know any secret movie spoilers, honest! >>;

1) He was kiddish the first time around, and he does have a very pretty face, but c'mon. Axel's definetly the more likely to indulge in cross-dressing for kicks if nothing else.

2) Having only recently gotten out of my Kairi-dislike phase myself, I'd have to say in her defence, she is what she is. In KH I that is a still slightly childish (no worse than Riku or Sora) teenaged girl, with naive, teenaged ideas about the world. We've all been that at one point or another, haven't we?

3) Dude... some people are just idiots. It's almost like a species-level genetic defect. -.-;

4) *nods* Amen. Anything to feed the angst glands... <.<;

5) Cloud in KH is almost a completely separate character from FF7 Cloud. Kh cloud is a /rock/ almost as far as heavy emotions go, and much more likely to get pissed off or piss drunk than depressed or sad.

Maybe as a teenager or a kid with a lot of stress and less practice keeping himself together he'd break down enough to shed a few tears. But depending on your interpretation of him and his personality... *shrugs* whatever, I ain't a shrink even tho' I psychoanalyze for a hobby.

6) I've actually been getting very, very straaange angsty ukish vibes from him recently... o.O;

7) Aeris = Awesome. Tifa = Very Capable of Whupping yo' Ass. -.-; Seriously, at this point, there are only two female leads aganist whom I can let bashing slide (and both their names start with 'R') and I view both of them as plot devices on legs and even then my inner critic complains very loudly sometimes.

8) XD
Re: Amen
I KNOW. Bashing Aeris and Tifa is a crime against mankind. D: C'mon, Tifa is cool. And she kicks Loz's ass. XD