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TITLE: Speak and Hear
FANDOM: Pretear (manga)
PAIRING: Sasame x Himeno x Hayate (OT3 for the win!)

Himeno didn't quite understand how it worked.

She would spend hours waiting for Sasame in his studio, his voice filling her soul, imprinting the words, deep and melodious. Expected from the Knight of Sound. And then, they would talk for hours on the seeming nothingness their lives, their relationship was based on. And she enjoyed every minute of it.

At the same time, she would wait for Hayate to come from Leafenia. Sometimes, they would just walk together, soaking up in the atmosphere. And with slow steps, they would attempt at a conversation or two, only to end awkwardly. Himeno always blushed and Hayate's face would look strangely red as well. With that parting note, he would leave. But not before he touched the top of her head gently and smiling. Himeno collected those smiles and held them close in her dreams.

Himeno wasn't oblivious. She saw the looks that darted between them, saw the smirk on Sasame's face when she had suggested a new idea and saw the obvious blush and pout on Hayate's face.

Nevertheless, she knew it was worth it.

"Why do I have to do this?" Hayate grumbled as Himeno pulled him forward, along with Sasame.

Sasame smiled, "Think of it as trying something new," he teased, leaning against Hayate, watching as he jerked away, "Learning how to share is good, right?"

Hayate grumbled under his breath. Sasame continued to smile.

Himeno smiled and tugged on their hands. Holding hands together was a brilliant idea.

Now, if she could just go a little farther...

Title: Burn
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Notes: Cloud-centric

Having a heart doesn’t mean you felt less cold in the night or you being able to avoid the heat of the midday sun. Having a heart means you could feel the nothingness, the emptiness all around you and it grows steadily on your mind like a cancer. Feeling and not feeling as far as he was concerned was a double-edged sword he could do without. He lost a half of his heart to Sephiroth and he fought to get it back. But really, a whole heart or even half doesn’t make much difference anymore. He simply wished to get through the day.

He could do without a heart. What he wasn’t sure is whether he can continue living with one.

Title: Hold On
Fandom: Scrapped Princess
Pairing: Leo x Pacifica, Pacifica x Fulle

Leo was the only one who remembered Fulle.

To Winia, Fulle was the nice man that Pacifica might have "loved"

To Raquel, Fulle was the Shannon look-alike who took care of Pacifica.

Pacifica doesn't remember him, but his bath comb hangs by her waist everyday. It is never far from her side. But Fulle was dead. Fulle won't be remembered. Fulle was forgotten. Worse than dead in Leo's mind.

"You're the knight, so go protect your princess!"

Leo never quite lived through that night. He had let everything down. They took her that very night into the dungeon of lions and he was there, pounding at the door, demanding she be given back. To him, his promise dangling over his head like a noose.

He loved her. Fulle loved her. Leo was jealous, obviously. For so long, he almost hated him, but Leo has never hated someone before.

Leo thinks that that he can't do justice to this man, this unknown in their new lives.

But he tries anyway.

"What is that Leo?" Pacifica asked, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

"A epitaph," Leo said softly, "But I don't know what to write."

"Who is it for?"

"A knight," Leo said automatically, "who died for his princess."

"Oh," Pacifica said sadly, sitting next to him, "the poor knight."

Leo was sure he was going to start crying, but he didn't.

"Why don't you write something for him?" Leo said gently, his eyes soft and warm, "I think you'll find the right words."

Pacifica gaped, "I don't even know this person!" she protested, her old temper returning, "how can I write this?"

Leo smiled, "You'll find a way."

When Leo returned the next day, the epitaph had a few lines filled him. He bent over and read them carefull and smiled.

No one remembers Fulle, but now...at least now, people can appreciate him.

Title: Cleaning disorder
Fandom: Peacemaker Kurogane (MANGA)
Notes: Suzu-centric

Suzu religiously washed his hands every night. He did it when he got up in the morning and he washed them before he went to sleep. Suzu sometimes would take a small dry towel and clean his Master's skull. It would shine a morose black after he finished and he would set it by his bedside.

Suzu washed his hands before he killed his owner. He didn't wash his hands afterwards, despite the coat of blood that clung onto him after he split the owner's skull apart.

Sometimes, Suzu washed his hands three times in a row and scrubbed them raw. But on other days, he leaves them alone to fall flat by his side, useless and weak. He would never touch Hikagami, sometimes believing that if he did, Hikagami would fall to pieces too.

So, Suzu washed his hands, day in and day out while he prayed for the hammerstroke to fall.

Title: After the Wedding
Fandom: The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth. Everyone should read this book. Really. It PWNS every modern write in the universe. Why? Because the entire 300-400 hardcover novel is written ENTIRELY in the format of a poem. A rhyming poem in iambic pentameter. XD Tell me that isn't cool.
Pairing: Ed x Phil (T___T), Phil x Liz
Notes: SPOILERIFIC. Oh, and this piece won't be written in poem form. Why? O__O I'm not Vikram Seth, that's why. XP

Ed couldn't understand why he stood there, at the gates of the church like a zombie. He didn't move (couldn't move, he told himself) and he stared as he watched his sister walk up the large steps. He was waiting for that sense of relief that was supposed to hit him any minute now.

It was resolved. Phil would be happy, Liz would be happy, he would be happy and John would be a miserable bastard. What's wrong with this scenario and why can't he walk up those steps.

Phil loved him. Phil had repeated to him every night. Ed almost believed it if he hadn't remembered that Paul was sleeping downstairs. Ed liked Phil, but Ed loved God. Obviously, it was never going to work.

It didn't stop him from sleeping with the man for months.

Ed was waiting for a divine sign, something that would tell him he made the right choice and everything would work out for the best. Ed was waiting for Phil to tell him he was happy and he wanted Liz to tell him that she was happy.

They were happy.

He wasn't.

Why wasn't this working? Where had he gone wrong?

Ed still hadn't climbed those steps. The vows were being uttered and Ed hasn't moved a muscle.

Ed wasn't happy, he knew. He understood the deep sorrow that lingered in his mind, but he couldn't understand why

Everything had worked out for the best, right?

Ed x Phil makes me cry. In fact, this book in general makes me cry. T__T

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    First off - I am alive - India still suffers from chronic bomb blasts - but the food is good. Thank god the food is good - I have a crazy alcoholic…

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    My parents have been back for what, a day? And they have succeeded in making me feel terrible. Now everything is making me feel terrible.

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