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Did anyone notice that Davy Jones and Tia Dalma had matching lockets?


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Yeah I noticed, but I'm sure they will explain that in the last part. What I don't get is.... *spoiler ^^* How she managed to bring Barbossa back. >_<#
Apparently, she has the power to bring people back. In an interview, she mentioned she will be the cause of Jack's rebirth.

I don't think she was the woman Davy Jones fell in love with, but I could be wrong. What do you think?
If she is then he has a weird taste. XD

Jack's rebirth is ok, ...but why Barbossa??? (That sounded like Jack's famous: "But why is the rum gone?!") The guy could have remained dead for all I care.

Another theory of mine is that Davy Jones has a contract with Tia Dalma. Because honestly, who could live without a heart?
D: I like Barbossa! But as you recall, they needed a captain who could sail to the ends of the earth. Other than Davy Jones, there's no other pirate who could accomplish that (and it couldn't be Jack for obvious reasons)

Hmmm, that could be it. But it's scary to think Tia Dalma is stronger than Davy Jones. But it wouldn't explain why she kept the locket, unless it plays a part with his heart. (God, that rhymes)