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What makes this X-men fic so special?

My name is Scott Summers, and I'm a journalist. No, not a reporter--a journalist. You see, there's a difference between simply reporting and being a journalist. Doesn't that sound more noble? Journalism. Lousy news anchors don't get an "-ism" at the end of their career field, do they? Anyways, in my opinion, they don't get as much satisfaction, either. It's like in the detective stories; I feel like being a journalist means you've got to go out in the world and piece things together slowly. Like one of those tangrams or tan-whatevers. You know, those puzzles where they give you two squares and a trapezoid and you have to figure out which way to rotate the pieces to make the bigger picture?--Or a Rubric's cube; you've got to keep twisting and turning to find the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God.

Okay, so maybe I have an idealized version of journalism in mind, but hell, I really believe it. The difference between being a reporter and being a journalist is that if you're dedicated, you're not just reporting things; you're getting in the story, and you're getting your hands dirty.

And you get a snazzy tape recorder.

Actually, a college-ruled, pocket-sized notepad after budget cuts, but hey, who's keeping track?

And that's just the beginning. XD Or, the story is slash, just telling you.
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