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I am so sick of the wank in fandoms. I am sick of the way people pretty much wave their pairings around and promote them in the most shameless and annoying tactics. Fandom is about having your own opinion on something, not subjegating other people to your pairing. See a pairing you don't like? THEN DON'T READ IT. There's no need to flame someone just because of your own dislikes and likes.

I'm a yaoi fangirl true. But right now, yaoi can go die for all I care. >.>

EDIT: And stop hating the female main characters damnit!
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I usually avoid fandom wank. But every once in a while, I come across something unbelievable stupid that I feel the need to rant. Honestly, what does the female sex have against themselves?
I don't know. There is a reason I hate slashers on principle--it's a perversion of the characters. Not the slash itself, gay porn is fine by me and I've watched my fair share of it, but they want the characters to be yaoi. And that riles me no end. I've had your experience too many times, I guess. Very bitter and cynical about it all.
I've always been very pro-slash, but I've always enjoyed the sweet few het canon pairings that I wouldn't change for the world. At least with slash, I look to a good interpretation of the characters, not a complete bastardization. I can accept Ed/Roy, but only in the anime fandom because that is the only place where it makes canon sense. If you said "Ed/Roy FTW" in manga canon, I would stare at you.

I suppose the good thing is I never get into the big fandom contenders. I go for the underappreciated and pretty animes. I'm a otaku in that sense.
I don't mind SLASH, I don't like SLASHERS. Because they look for slash and that's just so lacking in integrity. Gah.

Good for you. *dark* My fandom has a lot of wank.
Point. :D

Some of mine do too. Which is why I stay far, far, far away. I'm glad the other ones don't have wank otherwise I would go cry in a corner I really don't want to think of Princess Tutu wank. O__O

*patpat* House is becoming a mainstream fandom, ergo generates mad shipper wank. Sigh. LotR has ALWAYS had mad wank. Ye gods.
Oh god, the LoTR fandom scares me. *__* Half the stuff in there doesn't make any bloody sense.
That's why I hate the Gundam SEED Destiny fandom 95% of the time. Some of the Athrun x Cagalli fans are tunnel-minded fools who can't accept that people don't accept the pairing and support Athrun x Meyrin (ME! :D).

There's this person called Bored and Sleepy and they (Not sure of person's gender. :P) always ALWAYS post suppose 'real' information. One of them being that Meyrin appearing on Athrun x Infinite Justice CD was a ploy to make her popular. >:/ BULLSHIT.

I need a advil. Remembering that makes me bitter. :P
From what little I know of SEED and DESTINY, both pairings are quite valid (c'mon, doesn't Athrun give Cagalli a ring?). But to fight and insult the pairing you don't like for obvious stupid reasons is what really gets me. What ever happened to being open-minded?