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Title: Fairytale Monologue
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Pairing: hints of Ahiru/Fakir and Rue/Mytho
Notes: Random babbling. Don't expect a concrete story. Also "mukashi, mukashi" translates into "once upon a time..."

Mukashi, mukashi...

There was a prince and a raven..

no, no, that's not where the story begins.

Try again.

Mukashi, mukashi...

there was a man who had his hands cut off and wrote a story to salvage his...

salvage his pride? salvage his anger? or maybe because he enjoyed the tragedies of others, the way they fell to pieces once he picked up the strings. Dolls, dolls..

Try again.

Mukashi, mukashi...

There was a duck who was chosen to play the role no one else would play.

She changed it, changed the fate of her existence, changed the lives around her...

Destined to die as a bitter beacon of light.

Such was her existence written in blood by the author.

Again, we have missed the point.

Try again.

Mukashi, mukashi...

There was a girl who lived with the raven and learned to love them. Or feared them. It was one and the same. She loved the prince too, the empty prince with an empty container.

But the story moved to another's will.

There can never be two princesses. And she had to play the villain.

Why was she playing the villain?

It was her role in the story, dictated by the author.

We lost the thread. The story has lost its plot.

Try again.

Mukashi, mukashi...

There was a knight. But he died. And lived? Both. He did both.

He wanted to protect the prince.

He ended up protecting himself. And the princess that was never his.

He was only a knight. Not a prince.

He couldn't have her.

Such was the tale.

Wait, wait, where's the story?

Never mind, we won't try anymore.

Shall we turn to the end?

Princess Tutu canon pimping will come later hopefully


    So everything could have been averted if Dean and Sam just gave Cas hugs.

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