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Title - Waltz
Fandom - Princess Tutu
Notes - Rue-centric

Rue didn’t read fairytales. She knew them, in theory and she knew the endings. But she never picked up a fairytale and read it through. There was one time she did and near the end, she felt so sick, she ran away and left the book, the final page unturned.

Rue never wanted to read a fairytale again.

And sometimes, she would dream about her prince, the lake crystal beneath and he would dance for her. He was smiling, that soft wistful weak smile that made her sink to her knees. She wanted to dance with him, but he was too far and she was scared of the large vast lake.

She knew if she stepped onto it, it would crumble.

Rue discovered (intuitively, by her father, who knew? Only the man who orchestrated the world around them) the truth behind the black in her hair, the red in her eyes and the burn in her skin meant she was different. She didn’t mind that so much as long as the prince was dancing, dancing and she could breathe the same air as his step.

Rue didn’t read fairytales, but what she would pay in blood, hearts, swords and feet to gain that sacred role of a princess. Just so she can step onto that vast empty lake and dance with the prince.

Title - Black
Fandom - D.Grayman
Notes - Rinali-centric, vagueness

She had seen all shades in this world. There was a particular brush of lavender she remembered loving when she was a child. She remembered that that shade adorned a flower that grew back home. Here, she saw no flowers. Here, at the pinnacle of what gods would have crowned heaven, she waits with her withered bouquet, the world turning and turning and not pausing for that one moment she crystallized in her mind.

There, she saw the brink of black threatening the white, the sea, the devourer and she waits because there’s nothing she can do and waiting gives her that little self-worth she never had. Here, on the pinnacle, she waits in her wedding dress, decaying, fraying, rips in the bodice, and she knows instinctively who is coming.

And still she waits, on her lonely pinnacle and the fire raged.

Title - The Forgetting
Fandom - Matantei Loki Ragnarok
Notes - takes place in Matantei Loki Ragnarok Vol #5

She remembered someone called Narugami. He was a whisper in her mind, but she clamped down hard on it. She didn’t want to lose him.


Him who?

She asked around everywhere. Koutarou-kun couldn’t remember and none of her classmates recognized the name.

“You must have been dreaming,” they said patiently.

But she wasn’t…

Was she?

Then she asked Loki-kun. Loki-kun would know, Loki-kun would have the answer. So, she went to the beach and he came along at her behest. She began building sandcastles (he called them pancakes).

She asked him if he remembered a Narugami-kun. Loki-kun didn’t answer her, but his expression was so sad, that she forgot her question.

The next day, she forgot Loki-kun too.

Title - O Fortuna
Fandom - Final Fantasy Seven
Notes - Vagueness

O Fortuna, where have you gone? For in your wake, the fields have withered, the people are dry and empty and there is nothing of worth left in this dustbowl. O Fortuna, you who abandoned us, demanded of us. We made your throne, crafted it ourselves. O Fortuna, why have you left us? Even now, we learn for you. Even now, we beg for you. Can't you hear us?

O Fortuna, why did you go?

What did we do wrong?

O Fortuna, do not return. Do not haunt us anymore. We're sick of your words. They're too sweet for our mouths and you made us thirsty. O Fortuna, do not chase after us with your sword. We will have our shields. We will not bow. We will not cry. We are not afraid.

O Fortuna, why did you return?

Why do you do wrong?

O Fortuna, let us kill you. So that we may soak up in your sins. And be happy that we were never as blessed and holy as you.

O Fortuna, sit on your cold throne. You will not hear pleas from us anymore. We have moved on, we are not bound to the seasons of your hate. You may have corrupted us, but we live on in this tainted dustbowl.

O Fortuna, we are alone.

With and without you, we are alone.

O Fortuna, will you not stop haunting us?

Title - Miracula
Fandom - Princess Tutu
Pairing - Fakir/Ahiru

Once upon a time, Fakir wrote a story. But the story had finished and he was simply touching it up. In a sense, he was beautifying a story that was precious and ugly like the stones of the bridge. He dared not step further, yet the yearning for the happy ending he (and she. Mostly she) had deserved made him continue to write.

There was no purpose in his writing anymore. Ahiru, Rue and Mytho's roles in the story were finished. Herr Drosselmeyer went away to play in other people's lives elsewhere and here Fakir was staring at the large book where he needed to fill the holes in their lives.

But he picked up his quill and wrote. Some of the sentences seemed nonsensical and he was sorely tempted to throw the quill away.

But a small yellow duck sleeping on his desk reminded him that even if the happy ending he wanted was beyond his reach, he would, one way or another, make sure that at least she would have her happy ending.

Even if it didn't involve him in it.


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