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TITLE - Point of No Return
FANDOM - Tactics (Anime)
PAIRING - Haruka x Kantarou - ish. I think it's more genfic though.
NOTES - VAGUE LIKE HELL. I have no idea where I was going with this. Introspect.

Point of No Return
By Timberwolf220


If you step past that line, I will not stop you.

So, whatever you do, do not step past that line.


Kantarou did not speak today. Something was holding him for he drew breath like a rattlesnake and his words died easily in his mouth. Haruka was curious, but did not question. Yoko was curious and did ask, but Kantarou did not answer. The quiet was a brooding presence that summer day and Haruka could only think of how hot it was.


If you step past that line, I cannot help you

So whatever you do, do not step past that line.


Kantarou left home early. He didn’t leave a message and even left the biscuit tin Yoko left on the table untouched. Yoko touched the rim of the metal container, her eyes were gently breaking. She was worried and he knew it.

It bothered him that he was worried too.


If you step past that line, I wish I could too

So whatever you do, do not step past that line.


Night drew by him softly like a touch on the shoulder. Haruka had been waiting all day for Kantarou to return and the sounds of the dark had woken him up. He grumbled and stretched his legs on the roof and peered into the black.

He saw Kantarou’s white tousled head and descended to the ground gracefully. Kantarou saw him land and stood there patiently. His red eyes were not bright against the dark, but Haruka could see them clearly.

Haruka wanted to speak, but nothing came out. They stood there quietly as if waiting for the silence to break like a chime. Kantarou bowed his head slightly and walked past Haruka.

The sliding door shut behind him.

Haruka stood there but no bell rang.


If you step beyond that line, I would try to save you

Therefore, whatever you do, do not step past that line.


Kantarou was back to normal. He was yelling at Yoko for over-using the tea leaves, trying to finish his article before Reiko came, smiling at Haruka as if nothing happened. Perhaps nothing did happen and Haruka was imagining things in his mind.

Kantarou brushed against his shoulder with that infuriating smile and Haruka wanted to run away. The feeling vanished as Haruka watched Kantarou’s eyes darken against the light. Not knowing why, he gently touched Kantarou’s head and patted it. Kantarou did not smile, but whatever tension that was wedged between his shoulders had left.

Haruka will not ask. Their trust has grown strong, but not that strong. Haruka knew the day he finds out what Kantarou was doing, Haruka would not be there anymore.

Somewhere, along their chalk-lines of trust, Kantarou had walked too far.

And Haruka can’t catch up.

Like I said, vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaague.

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