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Simply; the greatest fiction in centuries..., 26 Nov 2001
Reviewer: A reader
More detail;
As an English Literature student it has been part of my course to study 'The Remains of the Day'; the exam boards who chose this text made a wonderful decision...

The novel is not a story, moreoever a life (or several). The relationship set up by Ishiguro between Stephens (the protagonist and butler) and the world around him is one of exceptional intrigue, let alone his relationship with Miss Kenton (the female lead).

From just reading the back of the book one has no idea of the level of detail that we find within the pages. Ishiguro challenges our idea of 'dignity', 'love' and 'life' in a most enjoyable manner through the life and journey of Stephens.

For some it might take some time to really get into the novel (it certainly took me some time). You might also like to stock up on a few copies - one or two might get damaged as you throw them in response to Stephens' prose! (I ought to be on commission here!)

To summarise; the greatest fiction released in centuries!

Yeah, totally. You should be on commission. You spelt the main character's name wrong doofus. XD
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