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The Bleach dub only came out yesterday and already the fandom's a mess. Dude, don't like? IGNORE. Trust me, that's what everyone did when Naruto came out (and don't make me talk about FMA. Please. D:)

But. This is the height of insanity and ridiculous.

This petition is a request for the incompetent Johnny Yong Bosch and Michelle Ruff to be thrown out of their roles as Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia in the dub of the anime Bleach and replaced with a married couple.

Everyone knows that the original seiyuu for Ichigo and Rukia, Morita Masakazu and Orikasa Fumiko, are romantically involved--how could they not be, with how clearly in love their characters on screen are? But the English dub has neglected this important element of off-screen romance and cast two people who barely know each other in the role of the lead couple. Obviously, they are planning to edit the series so that Ichigo ends up with Orihime--exactly the sort of trickery one would expect from a dub.

Sign this petition to put the romance in Bleach back where it belongs!


The Undersigned

NO. STOP. People happen to ship other stuff. In fact, now the manga seems to be heading in a very, very non IchiRuki path, believe it or not. AND DO NOT BASH ORIHIME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. D: JUST DON'T. Orihime is win and love and do not bash her ever. That is a travesty

Bleach dub was not so bad. I only found the Soul Reaper (instead of Death God or Shinigami) really weird. And Isshin, what have they DONE TO YOU??!
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D= I was ok with the voices (except on how they pronounced 'Karin' and Isshin himself, who's his VA?) and grateful they didn't edit, but this is just down right ridiculous. Clearly Ichigo is a flaming asexual, and we know Rukia sees him like her brother or her own child. She's better off with Renji, in my own opinion.

Plus I ♥ Orihime. She's adorable!
but what about Byakuya? D:

I found the dub funny. Okay, but funny. XD I think the 'Soul Reaper' thing just amused the hell out of me.
Bleach fandom is relatively sane...or so I believed at any rate. >.> This is something I expected from Naruto or Inu-Yasha or (hell) GUNDAM SEED, but not Bleach. The fans I've met (seen, heard, talked to) are so open-minded they're cool. So yeah. This wave of stupidity was beyond me when I found out.
=.= This is why I just stick to fansubs. Don't like the dubs, then don't watch the dubs.

Which reminds me... I really should see about getting my hands on some more Bleach.
Dubs are not bad. Heck, take Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. Those are phenomenal dubs. Hellsing, R.O.D OVA, Final Fantasy Advent Children, Miyazaki films. It's only the mainstream animes that get messed up. The Witch Hunter Robin dub is very good (in fact, I couldn't really make out for a while XD).
Since when did Orihime get involved with VAs of Ichigo and Rukia? Meh, it makes no sense...(to me anyway)

I thought the dub wasn't so bad. The Soul Reaper thing was funny...XD

But, I must agree with you, Timmy. They did a fantastic job with the Witch Hunter Robin dubs.