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Club Confusing Jeeta

When Nat and I are bored, the snark tends to rise. XD

When I posted about Serenity, this comment by Jeeta showed up.


Foo, River, phoo phoo.
Simon, someone should kick Simon's butt.
How COULD JOSS??? *feels betrayed* Just becomes all homicidal in his fictional world when things don't go well. Grr.
Hee hee, Jayne.

And therefore...

evilstorm: O_o ...that is possibly the most incoherent thing I've read in a while.
bromantic: O_O Join the club
evilstorm: Do we get a club shirt?
bromantic: We can design one tomorrow. The trademark colour is purple.
evilstorm: Sure. What tagline should we have? "Jeeta, she confuses us"?
bromantic: "We Don't speak Jeeta"
evilstorm: XD That one is good. "Anyone got a Jeeta-to-English translator around? Anyone?"
bromantic: "Jeeta-nese. Try your hand at it if you can"
evilstorm: "Need a Jeeta-decoder ring, stat!"
bromantic: "I'm sorry but I missed your entire sentence. Care to talk to my international translator?"
evilstorm: Uh, sir, we appear to have found an alien language."
bromantic: "Spock, is that a new form of the Vulcan pinch?"
evilstorm: ...Wait, what? *amused*

And thus, we degraded into moaning about school.

IN CONCLUSION - Nat and I are mean when we're bored.
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Vulcan Pinch? Whut...? o.o *has heard of Vulcan Death Grip but not the Vulcan Pinch*

...it just occured to me that that could become a very marketable piece of Trekkie humour. *very amused with herself*
The Vulcan pinch is completely fandom Trek. Not actual Star Trek stuff.

So yeah. It has already been marketed. You're too late.
<.< Bah. And here I was hoping to make meself a fortune... shall have to settle for the Vulcan Noogie.
*only just saw this post*
This makes no change in the level of my indignance at being mocked on MSN!! You didn't have the decency to do it face to face, or over the phone!!! DO I MEAN THAT LITTLE TO YOU?????!!!