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Club Confusing Jeeta

When Nat and I are bored, the snark tends to rise. XD

When I posted about Serenity, this comment by Jeeta showed up.


Foo, River, phoo phoo.
Simon, someone should kick Simon's butt.
How COULD JOSS??? *feels betrayed* Just becomes all homicidal in his fictional world when things don't go well. Grr.
Hee hee, Jayne.

And therefore...

evilstorm: O_o ...that is possibly the most incoherent thing I've read in a while.
bromantic: O_O Join the club
evilstorm: Do we get a club shirt?
bromantic: We can design one tomorrow. The trademark colour is purple.
evilstorm: Sure. What tagline should we have? "Jeeta, she confuses us"?
bromantic: "We Don't speak Jeeta"
evilstorm: XD That one is good. "Anyone got a Jeeta-to-English translator around? Anyone?"
bromantic: "Jeeta-nese. Try your hand at it if you can"
evilstorm: "Need a Jeeta-decoder ring, stat!"
bromantic: "I'm sorry but I missed your entire sentence. Care to talk to my international translator?"
evilstorm: Uh, sir, we appear to have found an alien language."
bromantic: "Spock, is that a new form of the Vulcan pinch?"
evilstorm: ...Wait, what? *amused*

And thus, we degraded into moaning about school.

IN CONCLUSION - Nat and I are mean when we're bored.
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