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'It don't mean a thing'
'If it ain't got that swing'
'Doo wah doo wah doo wah doo wah doo waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Beyblade Cast: *enters* Damn, she's singing again.

*insulted* My singing isn't that bad. It's quite good considering I can sing Tenor, Alto and Soprano!

Tyson: She's right.

Max: You're agreeing with her?!

Tyson: Well, her singing is better than her 'friends' singing. *shudders* Druken elephants are better than them.

Max: ...........

Kai: So, why are we here?

How should I know? Onem minute I was singing and you lot popped up!

Bryan: Don't you have, like, exams to study for?

Sure, but they're like a week away...

Tala: -_- I think you should start studying.

Don't antagonize me Tala and I'll make you regret it.

Tala: How?

you'll become public enemy No. 1 once I'm done with you!

Tala: Oh my, I'm so scared.

Well, you should be.

Kai: Why are you so cheerful then? If your exams are here, I thought you would be depressed and busy.

Bryan: *snorts* It was HIM, wasn't it?

............No comment...........

Tyson: What? Who? you mean Angy's bro?

Max: The guy she's going out with?

Rei: The guy that likes her but is shy about it?

.....You guys were talking about this behind my backs......

Beyblade cast: *shrugs* There was nothing else to do...

Anyway, it doesn't matter.

Kai: So can we go?

....I never forced you to stay, you know...

Beyblade Crew: *vanishes*

That's loyalty for you.....
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hey you

This is Rumi...I'm just findin out that lots and lots of peepz from ff.net have lj...arrrggghh, I feel so stupid...

Kai: Ha! Serves you right!

Rumi: Quiet you...anywhoo, I'd better start updating my fics...been soooooooooooooooooooooo lazy... -_- and depressed too...which is weird...


Re: hey you
Yes, you are lazy!.......

I missed you Rumi!!!!!!!!! *huggles you*

I'm sure Angy must already chewed you out, so I won't say anything...^__^
Re: hey you
Chewed me out is just the beginning, but I don't wanna update now cuz I'm gettin ready to move to a bigger house, so I'm gonna wait till I'm settled in my new house to update, k? Please tell, Angy that for me, thanx!!!!