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I'm sorry, but is it really that hard to believe that they're might be more female gamers than male? Must you have a fit and reanalyze the situation to suit your needs? Maybe, just maybe, the survey data is correct and you guys are completely out of your scope?

Just saying.


The worse Bleach wank over the stupidest thing. >.> The order of their names. Personally, the only rational argument was the person who came to clarify and everyone jumped on her for being an IchiRuki hater. And that Manifesto was awful. I haven't seen something that bad since the Kai/Rei manifesto. >.> Why Bleach why?

God, I need to go play Pokemon Sapphire. I still need to get my Tailow
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*whistles* HOLY CRAAAAAAAP...I guess they call that dedication?!? I dunno, it kinda made me giggle but then I was kinda scared at the same time...

But speaking of female gamers. When I went to summer camp, there was this video game camp in the dorm next to ours and I swear, the boy to girl ratio was 23:2

Poor California...XD
Ouch. Almost all the people I know are gamers and most of the people I know are female.

One of our classmates is going to the World Cyber Games Finals in Italy. Now that is cool.