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Shut up, I was waiting for this for the entire week.

Finished Shadow Skill.

1) Darkness still rocks hard core.

2) Gau, you wimp you. I love you, but stop clinging to your sister okay?


4) Crimson/Scarface = WINZ

5) Voltice > Scarface - Hero or not, Scarface gets none when he goes home.

6) Ren, we need to talk. No seriously, what the hell man.

7) SAI OH! You're the same as I remembered you to be!

8) I want the soundtracks like woah. REALLY REALLY BADLY. D:

9) Scarface wins the prize as the best manipulative bastard there is. And he's the good guy supposedly.

10) ...Too little of Lunaris Umbra.

11) Faisse/Lai OTP. Archaelogical NERD tops wimpy girl Vaar.

12) Gau, ditch the earrings. The symbolic connotations of your relationship with Lowengrin is really getting to me.

13) Elle/Gau OTP love~

14) Megumi Hayashibara is awesome. She does the most kickass female seiryuu roles. For those who don't know which, she did Lina Inverse and Lime (from Saber Marionette)

15) every single Sevaar has a drinking problem. It's a national issue obviously.

16) Maybe, in the future, Kyuo will drop dead. I can hope.

17) Faury is reduced to playing baby-sitter. This is rather sad.

18) ...Where's my Darkness/Lilivelt? D:

19) Rock Falls. Everyone dies. ...taken to a rather extreme actually.

20) I LOVE THIS SHOW. Even though it's been years, I still love this show.
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Damnit man, you make me want to procrastinate school stuff and hunt down episodes of this just so I can fangirl with you!

Oh, and love your new default icon! ^-^
There's a torrent running, but it takes forever (I should know, I started the torrent during the summer holidays). But it is an awesome series for me because it was one of the first animes I ever watched. (the other few being Steam Detectives, You're Under Arrest, Grander Musashi, Sailor Moon etc)