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Yes, another entry so soon. Hush.


and despite the whole love/hate relationship I have with dubs, the KKM one is...special. Here's why.

Yuri: Conrad, help me. Make them stop.
Conrad: Yuri, you're too hot in this world. There is nothing I can do for you.

Wolfram: I'm not really into having men lust after me.
Celi: You mean boys these days aren't into that?
Wolfram: Well, I'm not.

Günter: I had no idea that knitting was your hobby.
Gwendal: It's not a hobby! I do it to sharpen my concentration.

Wolfram: They won't want to take your life away because you're too good-looking to kill.
Yuri: Well, you better not fight them either. You're a gazillion times cuter than me anyway.

Conrad: There is really nothing to be afraid of Your Highness. Gwendal won't eat you.

Wolfram: Now listen, you think you're cute and maybe you're actually are, but being cute doesn't make it okay for you to be unfaithful.

Wolfram: How do you expect me to focus on battle if I'm embarrassed to death?

Gunter: I'm so sorry, the naughtiest most irresponsible image just flash through my mind! I must go clear my head.

Yuuri: You can't expect me to take innocent lives in any quantity. Even if they're Yankees fans.

Yuuri: Boy, I sure am relieved, too. Now I finally understand how the men in the action movies feel, when they break down and hug.

Yuuri: So, all I gotta do is go over there butt-naked and grab Melgib? Fine, I'll do it.

Yuuri: The people here have the funkiest names. Straight out of dorky adventure game.

Yuuri: Oh yeah, I remember, I went one on one with a toilet bowl.

Wolfram: And why are you taking your clothes off? (to Yuri)
Günter: Oh my
Celi: Oh dear
Gwendal: Oh please

Obviously I gave the dub too little credit.
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:D I think I vaguely remember that. My fav is when Conrad tells Yuuri he's too hot in this world. The dub, I think, makes the anime gayer than it already is.
...those are the *actual* subtitles? Even if badly dubbed, wow.

Also, I'm not sure I agree with this one:
"You can't expect me to take innocent lives in any quantity. Even if they're Yankees fans."
Ohhhhh DearSweetBob. I was going to have free time on thursday afternoon... I don't think I will now.

(any sites you'd recomend I trawl?)
Aarin has regular uploads. Account is free (just register).

Or do what most of us did before...watch the entire series on youtube (there's 72 episodes)
*has youtubed ep 1*

o.o ...

Günter is what happened when Prof. Hojo tried to cross Sephiroth with a Nanny, isn't he?
*has youtubed further eps*

Oh yes he is... a fussy, worrying, mother-hen-complexed nanny. Who my brain has decided has a much dirtier mind than he lets on. XD *thinks Günter is adorable in his nanny-ness*

And he has the Sephiroth-Silver-Haired-Bish look down pat. XD First thing I said when I saw him: "OhmyGawdit'sSephy! And he raided Lucius' closet!" o.O
Okay fine. But you must admit, he does seen to have invaded the clothing storage container of a certain extremely effeminate blond monk. And he does have the Sephy-look down pat.

And I don't think I am ever going to get over the poton-fume-sniffing incident. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Gunter and Gwendal are the mandatory random!pairing that is completely un-random in this fandom.
Gwendal/Gunter is a fairly popular fandom-wise, but I'm not into it. Simply because Gunter is way too in love/fangirl with Yuuri and can you imagine Gwendal in love with anyone other than a cute animal/stufftoy?
*is brain-spammed by a mental image of a plushie version of Gunter* @.@

...and you probably has a good point on the Gwendal-fangirling-over-Yuuri part, but I don't think I've gotten far enough to see much of that in action.
...I have the distinct impression there will be much fangirling on my part sometime soon. :3
So not only are you a Slayers fan, you're a KKM fan too? XDD I totally adore this series! I love it so much, I bought a couple copies of the DVD. XDDDDD Just so I can watch it and not have to worry that it'll break cuz of overwatching. XDDD

But heh, I didn't get all these interesting quotes cuz I got the subs. Pity. ^^;
OBVIOUSLY we need to get to know each other better. *friends*

ooh, how are the DVDS? I have at least 59 episodes of the series and I haven't bothered to download the rest (though I've been keeping track on youtube)
I know what you mean! XD I came over to your journal cuz I didn't think it was such a good idea to continue our Slayers convo over at Hanae's LJ, and then I realized that we have quite a few things in common! XDD Friending you in a moment!

The DVDs don't have brilliant quality, which could be explained by the fact that I bought them in China (so they *could* be pirated though they look so friggin original!) But the series is really good! The episodes after Conrad's return sorta picks up the pace of the main storyline, and that's when it starts to get really interesting. XD

I honestly don't think there is a character I don't like! ^^ Though I do love Yuri, Conrad and Murata the best. ^^ Gunter, Wolfram, Gwendal, Cheri... I love them all. <3
Ah. The Land of Pirated Goods eh? XD

I actually found the Conrad leave-return betrayal thing weird, because almost immediately after that, Conrad's role in the story kinda fades and Wolfram becomes a more important character (not that I mind, but the emphasis makes the show feel weird to me).

They're all awesome characters (but you forgot Anissina)
Yups, and what a great land it is to get good bargains and animes. XD

The Conrad arc is kinda weird, but it's kinda part of a huge plot that's only revealed near the end of the series. It'll only make sense then. But yeah, Conrad's importance does seem to fade away after his return. ^^;;

Fu fu fu, KKM is after all an anime targetted at females. Where would it be without the dash of shounen-ai? Of course Wolfram has to become important. XDDD

Heh, I do remember Anissina, but her name just sorta slipped my mind. ^^; I love her seiyuu.

Aaaanyway, if you're really eager to watch Slayers Try and don't mind spending a bit of money, I think it's available at a VCD store in Seng Kang.. That store has a lot of anime that ODEX (one of the bigger companies that import anime over to SG) has not yet bought the rights for yet, and they usually sell the anime cheaper. If you're interested, I can go dig up their phone number or something. ^^
Oh, I'm quite willing really. Send me the phone number and if possible a website as well or any kind of internet contact? That'd be awesome.
They don't have a website, as far as I know... But the store's called Sengkang Video Library, and their number is 63851420.

I haven't been there for quite some time already, but I know someone who bought his Slayers anime from that store, so I think you can still give it a try. And if they don't have it, you can try asking the auntie if they can bring it in. ^^

The shop's opened 7 days a week, until 9pm everyday, but try not to call on Fridays cuz the auntie's not around on that day. XD I've been there a lot, I know.