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Why some of my teachers are awesome

Econ Teacher - I hated her. she was a bitch
Class - XDDDD
Econ Teacher - No really.
Class - *still very much amused*
Econ Teacher - Apparently she got a transfer to Hiroshima
Class - ...
Econ Teacher - And when she was looking all happy, I said, "That's the second worst thing to happen to that place."
Class - XDDDDD
Econ Teacher - I was made to apologize

Econ Teacher - God made Adam and Eve. Or Adam and Steve.
Me - *DIES*

Econ Teacher - some people go to Sydney. Some to Wales. Others to Malaysia.
Class - Where are you going?
Econ Teacher - Toa Payoh
Class - *DIES*

Econ Teacher - Some teacher who I shall not name said, "that's great potentiality"
Class - :D
Econ Teacher - I think that's my latest favourite word. Potentiality.
Class - *amused*

The Adam and Steve one got me good.
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hahahah! i love teachers sometimes. they're so out there. haha adam and steve XD!!
...hate who? Who is this?
*is mildly amused*
*is mostly trying to just be awake*

(Also, how dare you feel rejuvenated when I feel like the walking dead?)
I posted this yesterday. Not today. Today I do not feel rejuvenated.

Dunno. Some other teacher he knew in another school. The econs teacher in question is Mr. McCulloch.

I swear I've heard that adam and steve thing before! And your teacher pwnz! Why can I not have this teacher instead of evil!Caleb!?
The term I shall henceforth use to reffer to my studio art teacher. The one who caused me to come to the conclusion that my life is like a bad fanfic.
I have an art teacher whose guts I hate and whose hair I love. My life is a Bad Fanfic!
Hey, you don't have Hot-Art-Teacher-From-Hell! Who is sadistic and thoroughly deserving of being called evil!Caleb! My life is a worse fanfic than yours. Especially since it has no plot whatsoever. And no drama or tension aside from brain-rot versus brain-fart.

*is greatly distressed that she has driven away one of the pillars of her universe*