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SATS don't make sense sometimes.

So dead tomorrow.
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You'll be fantastic.
They never made sense (what's this 'sometimes' nonsense??!! Pull yourself together!)
I cheer for you! So, nothing can go wrong.
Good Luck! Give it your best and with some luck, you'll do well!
I cheer for you too! So, 'nothing can go wrong'ness is doubled.
Sigh. Good Luck. Don't worry. You'll pass. Break a leg. Eat some cake. Play the pipes.

Just... good luck and show them what you've got. Yeah. *falls down dead*
aaah, you're lucky...i think...

at least you don't have to take the SAT II Subject Tests...

or do you?

Take the ACTs if you can. They're better and more straightfoward...none of that inferencing crap that the SAT gives you... X_X