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Yup, it's our favourite time of the year, when I post music for you peons. Obviously, you all love the music I post. Right? Well, then, let's show our appreciation by commenting. Don't think I can't keep track of downloads.

ORIGA - Mizu no Madoromi
-Look it's ORIGA. She has great vocals, amazing sound and just generally awesome. I don't need to give a summary for ORIGA. Unless of course, if you live under a special kind of rock Why hallo thar :D. That being said, recommended track definitely.

elika - Kimi Hohoenda Yoru (It's a Million Dollar Night)
-Steam Detectives, how I love thee so much it hurts. Starts off with slow piano and go into AWESOME ROCK BALLAD FORM. elika has awesome vocals and the song is just so damn catchy.

Nanase Hikaru - Messiah
-Angel Sanctuary is known for a lot of things. Its beautiful and haunting soundtrack done by Nanase Hikaru (same person I believe, did Chrno Crusade) is one of the achievements. This is the opening track of the OAV and it's techno-ish with vocals. This is one of the few techno kind of songs I actually like. A must-download.

The Cranberries - God Be With You
-Because Jeeta hadn't heard much about the Cranberries. They are awesome and celtic-ish with the most interesting sound I've heard. Haunting and slightly leaning between rock and simple melody, Cranberries are one of those bands you always tend to remember even if you've heard only one song.

Taku Iwasaki - Living Sin
-Rurouni Kenshin the anime was rather dull for me. The music even more so. But I'm blown away by the movies every time I see any kind of music video for them. This is from Seishouhen OST. And it's Taku Iwasaki (man I hate having to explain composers).

Mayumi Gojo - In This Serenity
-Xenosaga song. At first, I rather disliked it, but it grew on me. It's short and pretty. Nuff said.

Maaya Sakamoto - High Touch
-Everytime you think of Fujioka Haruhi, listen to this song and feel your brain break (for those of you who didn't know, Maaya Sakamoto was Haruhi's seiryuu). Upbeat, catchy and so deniably Sakamoto-style (dude, listen to all her songs. They're all so scarily good).


Ai no Kusabi - Oracion
-Really nice piano track that slowly builds up into an epic. Reccomended for instrumental lovers.

1) Click the link
2) Select download
3) Come back to this page
4) Leave a comment

I'll start locking posts otherwise and we know locked posts can be a pain don't we? D:
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