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You're Under Arrest Episode Three

Miyuki: I have plans for this weekend.
Natsumi: Omiai*?
Miyuki: NO.

Kido: I've always needed to do this.
Natsumi: Propose?
Kido: No, give her the lunch money I borrowed!
Miyuki: Wow, that just killed the suspense.

Miyuki: *pissed off*
Nakajima: *DEPRESSED*
Natsumi: *Scared that Miyuki might turn axe-murderer on her*
Rest of the station: Someone, do something about this atmosphere.

Chief: Look, because of your UST, I hereby order you to go for a date.
Nakajima: ...
Chief: Here's your itinery.

Miyuki and Nakajima happily on their date.
Chief: *hiding* Ostrich to Harpy, they passed checkpoint A. Everything is according to plan.
Miyuki: Y'know, I get the feeling we're being watched.

Ah, You're Under Arrest is still the best time-pass show ever.

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