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Dear Sony,

Thank you for driving the game world insane. And your console sucks.

No Love,

Dear Nintendo,

I will never doubt you again. You are still the best game company ever.


That being said, I hope Sony rots. >.> Freaking bastards.
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the PS3?

Doesn't play old games well enough.

The price is insane.

A pregnant woman waited in the line while she was READY TO GIVE BIRTH. AND REFUSED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL.
u mean the 34 PS3 only one?! they're insane man, drived people into criminal path or poverty(some brought ps3 for $3000, O_o)
well, for now that is but we still want its system so can't say really much about that and btw, i just found out that a blu-ray writer cost S$ 1488 which u can buy 3 newest game systems with that amount of money, the PS3, the Xbox 360 and the Wii or Nintendo DS. Isn't that amusing?! ^^
Amusing and scary at the same time really. I think I'll force my dad to buy the DS for me.
Everyone knows that Sony is basically forcing gamers to swallow the blu-ray system, which sadly doesn't have too many games yet and is expensive like crap.

Nintendo's Wii is more for practically and playability, though it doesn't boosts Xbox 360 and PS3's graphics resolution and all that crap. Still, a good investment if you don't want to get ripped off by Sony.

But I really don't understand why people feel the need to get PS3 as soon as it hits the shelves! Traditionally, all first batches of gaming consoles have bugs or other manufacturing problems! Plus, their prices are always, always, always over the top!!

...Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.
You have a point. But some gamers are just THAT eager when getting something new.

I already have the XBox 360 which is cool, but needs more games that I like. DS is awesome. And I love Nintendo.

Perhaps too eager, I think. I'm mostly a laggard when it comes to tech gadgets, but it does save me woe of having fewer or even no bugs in my new toy. ^^;

Despite all that I've said, I'm probably still gonna get a PS3 next year. I'm betting my money that future FF and KH games will come out on the PS3, unless Squeenix decides to be funny again and release those games as multi-platform like they did with KH:COM.
Squeenix was being weird when it said CoM was beng released for PS2. I also want the PS3, but I'll wait till it's cheaper and there are a reasonable amount of games for it.

PREGNANT WOMEN were in line, going into LABOR and REFUSED to go to the hospital because of a PS3.
I think Squeenix just realized (and very belatedly, I must say) that releasing COM solely on the GBA antagonized some fans. Secondly, by releasing the game again on PS2 would probably mean very lucretive business when these fans, and those who'd played the GBA version both buy the new game. Their cash register must be protesting at the lack of a rest.

And the pregnant women? Say hello to the new generation of geeks a.k.a. their babies.

The new system sounds interesting. I'll wait a little while before getting it though.
for some reason I'm annoyed by your icon. and I don't care that the PS3 can't play old games. I still have my PS2 which works fine.

By the way, I don't care about the Wii. Nintendo makes kiddy games
Not sure about kiddy games but thanks to nintendo system such as GBA, a certain someone was able to play Zoids *glare at dagclo* as well as tales of symphonia in the nearby future on GC
:D Thank you Khoi. Also, if you call the Metroid series "kiddy", then obviously you know a lot less about games than I thought you did.
?! well, still depend on how people think and judge games based on their opinions so still can't say much about think.

P.S: just ask dagclo that if lego star war is kiddy or not ^^, he was enjoyed it himself
Point. Besides, games are to be enjoyed no matter what kind of genre or stereotype they come from anyway.

PS: He played Lego Star Wars? XD
Re: Lego Star Wars
And what is wrong with Lego Star Wars if I may ask? How can anyone not be delighted at the supreme oportunity to mock a well established franchise?
Nintendo makes games from pikmin to pokemon. in comparison to the Xbox which tends to make nothing but teen to mature games and sony who'll ship anything on disk that will sell, it's kinda unbalanced. They're fun, but not remotely serious.
Actually, it's not the content that bugs me. It's the way the PS3 was presented to the US, the sloppy way they handled production, the amount of shootings, stampedes, hospital cases and for god's sake, even rapings that were happening around one bloody console. I like the XBox 360. I just need more games for it.