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Kill me now.

Trust me, it'll be a service to humanity.
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No it won't. Why? I need you to be around if I'm ever going to properly learn the alto parts for all the songs we did today.

(That was intended to sound slightly less self-serving than it probably did.)
Oooooo... opportunity! *grins, takes gun out* BANG!

No, really. What's wrong? Apart from IB, that is.
*And I am good at it too. Ha.*

No words can describe my sympathy for you. No wait. Ouch. Is it really serious? As in will it affect how the admissions office will see you as a candidate? Dunno anything about US apps.
*screw you*

No. It's not. I'm not seriously depressed about it. Just seriously annoyed and frustrated with myself, that's all.