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I didn't think I could get through today. But I did.

Thanks. For all the comments and general awesomeness.
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I'm not awesome and I didn't hug you today, but I did leave a random comment here yesterday so--you're welcome, you big dumdumhead. You'll get through it.
*second big dumbhead remark*

*huggle* You're so cuddly! And we're right here waiting to look at you disapprovingly at the next outburst. Wuv you!!
*man pile!!!!*

Ayesha you stupid stupid stupid...etc. emo-child. *HUGS* Christmas holidays are near!!!! And so are our exams!!!! *gets shot*
It's what we're her for darling. *gives you extra squishy e-hugs because you deserve 'em for still being alive after that*