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Music Post Huzzah!

Yes, I am procrastinating. Why do you ask?


Mikuni Shimokawa - All the Way
-The opening for Kino no Tabi (Kino's Journey), it's a soft yet beautifully cheerful melody. And I love her vocals.

OLIVIA Inspi'REIRA (Trapnest) - Wish
-Rock hard Olivia. Rock hard. Extremely catchy song with great vocals to boot.

Suga Shikao - 19sai
-yes, I got this song rather late. Suga Shikao has an awesome beat and guitar in his songs and his voice is so clear. A must-snag song if you don't already have (I'm sure most of you do)

KASUMI - Born Legend
-Opening for my favourite anime Shadow Skill. Tribalish style with irish pipes. You can't beat that. Scarily catchy as well.

Fayray - Saisho de Saigo no Koi
-TAKE THIS SONG. Ballad-ish and slow, Fayray has one of the best voices I've heard in ages. I was surprised that most peopel hadn't even heard of her. SO TAKE THIS SONG. It's slow, but the tune and her vocals are so achingly worth it.

English/Other Languages

Original Cast from Lion King - Grassland Chant
-I think the only two good Broadway shows that Disney produced was "Beauty and the Beast"(which is love) and the "Lion King". This has tradtional Swahili lyrics and like all African songs, catchy and brilliant. Too short though.

Aimee Mann - Jacob Marley's Chain
-Artists like Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan that are looking rather overrated and small unheard artists like Charlotte Martin, Regina Spektor and Aimee Mann who need more limelight. She sings with a scarily clear voice. JUST LISTEN TO IT.

Blue October - Sound of Pulling Heaven Down
-This is the OT3 song. Mainly Riku/Sora/Kairi theme song. Don't believe me? Listen to it for yourself.

ORIGA - Player
-Yes, I am an ORIGA whore. Who wouldn't be? Surprisingly, at first I didn't like this song. Then it grew on me. I listen to it almost everyday. Probably her best GiTS -Stand Alone Complex opening ever.

Information Society - Peace and Love Incorporated
-"I'm not in the mood for Mozart and all that kind of going ons" is how it start. Technoish, but the lyrics are love. There is a famous Utena video made from this song and it fit so well.


Craig Armstrong - Laura's theme (Piano)
-Who's seen Doctor Zhivago? No? Read Doctor Zhivago? If you haven't done either, you're missing out on a brilliant work of literature. The movie is great if you want to skip the large book (which I actually read O_O). The soundtrack for the movie was done by the awesome Craig Armstrong and Laura's theme is aruguably the best parts of the soundtrack. I couldn't find the soundtrack itself, but the piano rendition does a good job.

Joe Hisaishi - The Dragon Boy
-As much as I love Princess Mononoke and Laputa, Spirited Away was my favourite. The soundtrack especially suited the setting of mystical otherworld that Haku inhabits. This particular theme illustrates a rushing towards a climax. A must download.

Naoki Sato - Two Holy Swords, Two Kamuis
-There are a lot of things that can be said about X TV. A bad soundtrack is not one of them. Naoki Sato does a great job in capturing the tension and the fight in this particular piece. Listen for awesome instrumental and whenever you feel slightly high.

Kaoru Wada - Feelings that Transcend Time II
-I may dislike Inuyasha with a passion of two burning suns, but I cannot ever diss the soundtrack. I heard this in a music video and I was in love. Kaoru Wada is a genius when it comes to piano composition (as seen in the Kingdom Hearts soundtracks "Dearl Beloved").

David Newman - Serenity (the Movie)
-This is really a great opening and I keep cursing the fact that it's too short. Damn you David Newman

You guys remember the rules right? Comment and snag. Otherwise, say goodbye to music posts
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EEEE! SANKYUUUUUU! X3 X3 X3 Great selection of music as usual! X3
0___0 Serenity....

May snag, but I'm more interested in Firefly's theme song. Wheeeeere...
S'okay, I just got it ^___^ Yeah, Joss Whedon's western flick/sci-fi concept is just super amazing. I just wish the theme was longer. (darn him)
I think the end credits is the longer version but even then, it still feels too short D:
Mmmm... nummy.

Snagged Lion King, Blue October and Info Society, since for some reason I don't actually have a sound-only version. ^^; Also took Aimee Mann out of curiosity (<3 so pretty sounding!!)
Aimee Mann is awesome. She is. I really wanted to disown Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan after listening to her.

oh GODS!!! Blue October is SUCHFRIGGINBLATANTOT3LOVE!!! @.@ And I thought I liked Hate Me...
Another Blue October song. It's been playing on the radio in the bathroom like nobody's business... so much angst packe into so few minutes. 0.0
That's it, sometime this week I am getting someone to drive me to the mall so I can go music shopping! I still don't have the new Chili Peppers album!! =[ So much music... so little spending cash.
Yes... I am deprived... =.= and have a forgetful mother who said she was going to buy it for me but never got around to it! *whines and longs for fresh Chili Peppers music*
At least your dad is mature enough not to require constant teenage supervision... >.>;
Eh, what the hell, snagged all the instrumentals too. >.>;

You are wonderful and cannot be appreciated enough. Why do I never pay more attention to you music posts? *hugs*
Aie, Aie!! I'll take the J-Pop songs!!! *-* *rushes off obediently to download them* Shall I just say I'm snagging the whole batch now?
Yes, watched + read the first chapter of Dr. Zhivago. I took Fayray and Laura's theme! Thanks! Mee hee!