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Fire Emblem Six - Sword of Seals Update

Chapter Three - Late Arrival

Me - Goddamn passageways and houses [mutters]
Hector - Sorry, BUT YOU ARE TOO LATE. btw, take care of my daughter. See ya! [dies]

Chapter Four - forgot the title

Erik - Hay I'm back! With more minions and a moustache! ph33r me
Me - I should have killed you when I had the chance [grumbles]

All in all, the game is driving me insane. The cute Zephiel = now old creepy mess-up-the-world-with-dragons dude. Guienievre reminds me of Lacus Clyne (I have come to save Lycia because my brother pwns you all!) and I dislike Roy. Which feels weird because I loved Eliwood. I guess I haven't seen much personality from Roy yet. T___T

Volt is cute. Nothing from the knights yet [sighs]. Chad is a horrible replacement for Matthew, but his brother is okay. Got two good axe-men. Happy with them. Ignored Marcus and Lilina's knight/whatever person.

I can't believe they offed Hector in the THIRD CHAPTER. I mean, it took us thirteen chapters to get to Eliwood's dad, but they kill Hector in the THIRD CHAPTER. WHY. WHY. WHY.

If I wasn't dying to know why Zephiel turned from a nice guy into a warmongerer, I would have dropped the game ages ago. [sniffles for Hector]
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;-; He... Hector... Hector dead? *sniffles* Whyyyy...

There shall never be another thief as awesome and fun to play around with as Matthew! This is partly because the odds of there ever being another thief with an easily flustered and very cute myrmidon almost literally tied to their waist are next to none. ;)
I dunno. I rather liked Volke and the way he bullied everybody. :D. Chad is a kid so not working so well. D:

T__T He's dead. I seriously wanted to cry. It was so depressing to me [though I don't think it was done very well in the game]
I never really... clicked with Volke. Dunno why... just didn't like him much. I think I'm destined to be a Matthew fan for the rest of my FE days.

So he's dead and they didnt' even let him go out in proper style? -.-* Now that's just wrong.
Hmm. Matthew is hard for me to write while Volke and his weird weird loyalties clicked instantly. And his UST with Greil. Yeah, I think that was it. XD

I'm letting them off because FE6 > FE7. They weren't planning on a sequel.