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See this pretty artbook?

IT'S FOR SALE FOR $20 [Sing]
-Applies in Singaporeans only, sorry.
-Know someone who might like it? Tell them to come to me
-In good/almost mint condition
-CHEAP. No seriously. A normal artbook is usually over $60 Sing dollars. A CLAMP artbook is usually above $70
-It's X/1999. It has the best art. No really. Tsubasa/XxxHolic art is awesome and all that, but when it comes to colour and sheer quality, X beats Tsubasa hands down
-Up to you what you want to do with it.
-The price is open for bargaining

-Might consider opening offers.
-Either Paypal or billing.
-I probably will count shipping charges. Not sure
-I will charge the US equivalent of Sing dollars. So, the price will come down for US/UK/Canadian citizens.
-Bargaining is allowed.


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