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Utena, her adolescence and the car

Right. Utena The Movie is nothing like the series. The series made more sense, for one. Secondly, the relationships are more or less kind of whack. But hey, when aren't they?

I'm writing these as someone who has never seen the series before, so correct me if you know better.

The Adolescence of Utena starts with Utena in school where she meets Touga and Anthy and is caught up in the duel system. The Duel Systme is basically a bunch of people with fancy rings fighting to keep Anthy who has the power to unlock the castle of Eternity.

That is only the basic gist. Utena the movie is a mix of relationships, dependence/independence struggles, dreams and a fairytale philosophy. The main relationships within the movie are that of Utena/Anthy, Utena/Touga and Anthy/Akio. There are a few smaller relationships that are either not explained or left open for interpretation.

One of them being the rape of Touga by his adopted father. I'm not quite sure why this was included in the movie. I'm still rather boggled by it, but its there. I assume it was to juxtapose(sp?) Anthy's rape. Note, I use the word 'rape' lightly in Anthy's situation because Akhio drugged her, but she knew and let herself be taken advantage of. Her excuse was "You're My Prince"

And the real truth about Utena and all the characters in this movie come to light in that one line. Everyone is bound to the Prince Akhio who is dead. In fact, he is referred to as the "Lord of flies". In fact, (and god, I'm quoting Matrix on this), the entire academy, the castle Eternity and some of the people are pretty much Anthy's creation "to fill the void of the Prince's existence". Anthy blames herself for his death (yes, despite the rape) and continues the cycle. Her lack of growth in this issue is shown by the chest wound that never heals.

And then there is Utena. Utena lost her prince, blocked the incident from her memory and decided that she didn't need a prince. Thus, she began to dress up more and more as a man and acting like one. From what I say, she didn't get very far. In some instances, yes, she was acting like a prince should and this was why Anthy was able to replace Akhio in her life and some instances when she was with Touga, she was unable to keep that act. Touga makes Utena vulnerable, weak to mental attacks about her sexuality and her new line of thought. When Touga was flirting with Anthy, Utena retreated quietly. And then later, shouted at Anthy whom she blamed for taking Touga away from her. Utena's will to escape from Anthy's creation made her a real prince, symbolized when she turned into a car [yes, you read that right]

So, what is this essay about? Hell if I know.

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