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Someone find a goddamn cure for cancer.

I'm sick. I  feel sick. This whole situation is making me sick.

He's dying. He's dying miles away from me and god help me I don't know what the fuck I should do.

Cancer. why is it always cancer?
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It might help if you explain what is happening.

One of your relatives/friends back home has cancer...?
And fuck I did not meant to sound uncaring or mean in anyway.

...I'm just not sure what's happening.

*another huggles?*
*attempts comforting hug*

There's nothing that anybody outside of your family can do, or say, that will make you feel any better. But we (and I hope I speak for all at this point) will always be here, waiting, if you need us. I've never had a family member die of cancer, although of other things, so I can't exactly reach out and tell you I know exactly how it feels or how to get through it - but if you need a hug, or a shoulder to cry on, or a chocolate-chip cookie, then I'm here.
It is always cancer because cancer is allowed (for whatever reason) to pop up practically anywhere. Which sucks.

*smothers you in hugs*