Was going to ask Who? and then thought better of it and wiki-ed it. So. What's with the fascination with Kota Kinabalu?
That's...rather sadI had hit the motherload of Anime and Game soundtracks. And I left it behind. T__T
Talking to a person who didn't know the shape of and where her own country is on the world map. Bad at Geography and anything location-related. Blah. ...You didn't touch it and left it behind, or raped it and then left it behind?
I didn't get to rape it and leave it behind. My dad was paranoid about customs. >.> I got about max three soundtracks.
It's statements like those that I worry about. Didn't you hear me rave about the Orangutan sanctuary a while ago?
Come on. Like hell I didn't notice your absence on Friday. and yes I heard/read/somehow absorbed that comment.