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Changed icons. (My new Utena icon is oh so sexy). Pretty pointless lately between me spazzing about College essays and trying to study for mocks.

Things to get from Kino [otherwise I'll forget like last time] -

Count Cain: God Child - Volumes 1 and 2 GETTO!
Demon Diary - EVERYTHING
D.Grayman - Volumes 1 and 2
+Anima - anything that's currently available
Eureka Seven - Volume Four and above Decided that I wasn't interested.
Trinity Blood - Volume 2 and 3Apparently it was Tokyopop, not Chuangyi, so no.
Spriggan - Volume 1 (because I CAN)
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Volumes 1 and 2
Read or Die - MAYBE. Depends whether I'm desperate or not. Too much lesbian fanservice and not enough concrete plot.
Utena - AGAIN MAYBE. Loved the movie to bits. I think I would love the anime too. But the manga doesn't look very appealing with its shojo-ey art.
Not worth it

Other than that, nothing else. Demon Diary and Count Cain take priority though. Simply because Demon Diary has to be one of the cutest mangas I have ever read and Count Cain is hot. Nuff said. Why yes, I am rather shallow
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You absolutely have to buy all of these? Not just you know, have them in your comp? *shrugs* Oh well, commenting on your choices:

Count Cain: God Child: Not too sure about this. Is it a sequel to Count Cain?
Demon Diary: Hm. I just want to ask one thing, why do people like this series so much? I really liked it when it first came out. And then some years later I re-loaded the whole series and then deleted it all the same day because I couldn't stand it. *scratches head*
D.Grayman: DUH.
+Anima: <3
Eureka Seven: Duuno.
Trinity Blood: I liked the anime. But not the manga art. :p
Spriggan: ...what?
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories: HEE.
Read or Die: Never read the manga. Whut.
Utena: ...I knew you'll want them.
Count Cain-God Child: is a sequel to Count Cain. Major art and plot improvement and it's Kaori Yuki. :D
Demon Diary: I have it all on the computer, but I'd rather own the manga. Raenef/Eclipse is too cute for words~
Eureka Seven: The ART is really good. Dunno though.
Trinity Blood is a maybe
Spriggan: Check wiki
Utena: MAYBE. I'd rather have the TV series rather than the manga. D:
Demon Diary? Heh, I've always wanted to get that one, but my wallet's never agreed with the price tags. ^^;; I think I've only read like a couple pages of the manga before. ^^;