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Okay, this year, I haven't had time to send cards and whatnot, BUT give me your e-mails and I'll bloody well make sure you get something for Christmas.

Also, presents.

You can request the following from me -
1) Fanfiction
2) Music
3) Manga [I'll hunt it down and find it somehow]
4) Anime [request two episodes max. I can't upload whole series. O__O]

:D Have fun! And Merry Christmas!
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I don't think there's much to write. Once Nat found a pillow. She snuggled up to it and it did not complain. She clamped down on it and it did not complain. Nat was happy. The pillow was emir

don't see much of a story here...
Once upon a time there was a Nat. It collects pillows.

Once upon a time there was an Emir. It was a type of pillow.

The Nat decides one day that it should get an Emir. It spotted one dozing off under a random tree. So it went over and bit down -hard- on it. The Emir woke up from the pain and all he saw was a pair of reeeeeally sharp teeth gleaming at him.

They lived happily ever after.

The End.
some mana would be nice, or you could tell me how u have such nice pics for ur mood thingy on LJ^^
I want Wallflower manga found where to download but cant get it....

Wallflower = Perfect Girl Revolution = Yamato Nedesiko ect...
Hey I found another site for Outlaw Star.
it's subbed though...and in rmvb format.