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Top 10 Shippings Overall

1. Tyson/Kai (:P)
2. Fuuma/Kamui
3. Fakir/Ahiru
4. Tatsumi/Tsuzuki
5. Sanzo/Goku
6. Homura/Goku
7. Dee/Ryo
8. Ban/Ginji
9. Vash/Wolfwood
10. Tamaki/Kyouya

Top 5 Love Triangles/Threesomes

1. Himeno/Hayate/Sasame
2. Franz/Eugenie/Albert
3. Sora/Riku/Kairi
4. Conrad/Julia/Adelbert
5. Watanuki/Himawari/Doumeki

Top 5 Canon Pairings

1. Mytho/Rue
2. Utena/Anthy
3. Chrno/Rosette
4. Kakyou/Hokuto
5. Hughes/Gracia

Top 5 "Not my favorite, but they're very nice alternate choices" Shippings.

1. Kanda/Rabi
2. Tetsu/Susumu
3. Hikaru/Haruhi
4. Ginji/Akabane
5. Katou/Setsuna

Top 5 Pedophilic Shippings
Uhh...not completely sure here but...

1. Slade/Robin
2. Riff/Cain (not sure of ages?)
3. Tsume/Toboe (same as above)
4. Eclipse/Raenef (same as above)
5. I've got nothing...

Top 5 "wtf that makes no sense... but I LOVE it!" and/or BADWRONG Shippings

1. Spike/Vicious
2. Lina/Zelgadis
3. Setsuna/Raphiel (let me have my delusions)
4. Cain/Jizabiel
5. Haine/Giovanni

Top 5 "I just don't feel what everyone else is feelin'" Shippings

1. Allen/Kanda - if there is subtext, then clearly I've missed it.
2. Sephiroth/Ansem - I.I. have no words. SPEECHLESS.
3. Vincent/Cid - Yeah. I've got nothing. Cid happens to have a wife people. SHERA.
4. Yuuri/Conrad - Um. No.
5. Static/Hotstreak - WHUT.

Top 5 "I hope these die" Shippings

1. Kurama/Hiei - Most overused cliched pairing.
2. Kai/Rei - how could I forget this?
3. Sasame/Takako - It's worse when it's canon
4. Syaoran/Kurogane - why fandom why
5. Riku/Sora - I have major fandom hate towards these two now. Sorry. Not happening.

Actually, the Riku/Sora rant has been building up for a while. The sheer stupidity and retardation that keeps persisting has worn out my last nerve. So, no, I'm never reading a Riku/Sora ever again. No matter how well written it is.
*sighs saddly* It is sad that Riku/Sora has degenerated so far, but I think I'm still quite firmly chained to the bandwagon on that one. But then again, I haven't ventured out into the fandom at large for some time so I may just be a little sheltered. Plus, I think I've shifted a good deal of attention over to the Riku/Sora/Kairi situation now that I no longer see Kairi as being so... words fail me. Whatever she was, she's better now. -.-

Seph/Ansem!? WTF PPL! *wonkspaz* >.O?

Vincent/Cid is actually one of those really rare cases where I just like watching them interact but the pairing itself gives my brain problems. And my mind never even really wrapped around the concept of Cid/Shera at all.

*wonders vaguely why there is nothing involving Zack on this page*
That's it. Most of them bash her so badly it's disgusting. That's why I've sworn off it. Dislike her that's okay, but no need to bash her. It's depressing.

Yeah. No words either.

Me too. Apparently, they had dinner together. XD

*too many fandoms. D: I'll need one for each fandom*
*le sigh* So much hate... as of now there are only two characters I can really tolerate bashing of and I'm pretty sure that it's perfectly possible to sympathize with at least one of them. The other is just shit outta luck.

How did anyone even come up with that twisted concept of a pairing? I mean, just having them in teh same universe at the same time spells disaster (no offense to Seph, but they're both certifiably nuts)!

Eh? Dinner... *tries to imagine Cid in a fancy restaurant* XD

(...words fail me. You actually have enough fandoms that you need that, don't you. o.o)
Like Relena? XD

I REALLY DON'T KNOW. D: Isn't Sephiroth in KH completely Cloud-sexual? (no seriously, he is completely Cloud-sexual in KH1/2)

Meh, more like dinner at home with him and Shera.

(put it this way. Give me a hundred icons and I'll probably need more for each fandom)
Precicely!! XD You know me too well dear. The one with just the slightest possibility of pity/sympathy is Rinoa. Simply because you sometimes have to believe that she might have a few shreds of intelligence/dignity. Sometimes...

This is a valid argument. And Cloud is only marginally better (Squeon dearest provides such a nice distraction). And, to be quite honest, in KH1 there is just waaaaay too much symbolism to argue against.

I dunno... I still see Cid and Shera as being waaaaay too far apart on the personality spectrum. Heck, I think the only way she'd really manage to get anything out of him is by accidentally guilt-tripping the guy... which thought provides a great many amusing mental images. XD

(You dearest are going to die of fandom overload. This I have forseen!

...well, unless you manage to sprout an extra head and set of hands to help manage them all. XD)
Ah Rinoa...got lost in space...unfortunately, it wasn't permenant.

XD It's kinda sad actually.

I like Cid/Shera. Dunno why.

(that would be useful)
SQUEEEEE!!!! *glomp attacks your icon* =D Long Live Mikey!!

Plot device on legs, I say. A plot device on legs. Sans brain.