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Cain x Riff - Air and Fire

I am hopelessly hooked onto Count Cain. It's rather sad, but some of the dialogue bits and interactions are so.so. awesome.

Neil - You must get married Cain!
Cain - What, to you?


Riff - If you throw me away, if you leave me behind, I'll...I'll..
Cain - Ah...I think... he's truly sworn his life
Riff - Don't let go! If you let go, I'll shatter into a thousand pieces...
Cain - I will...I'll just die..


Cain - I'm not going anywhere...because I- I belong to the people who call my name..so that's why I came back...


Cain - What can you do for me now? It's all your fault...
Riff - I'll repay you with the remains of my life Master Cain.


Cain - Was it you who held my hand?
Riff - All I can do is stay by your side
Cain - That's good...like the air, forever by my side.


Cain - Riff, if you betray me...I will go and die! [leaves]
Allen - "I will go and die?". My dear, people threaten each other by saying "I will kill you.". But still you say "I will go and die"!
Cain - Doctor Allen. The next time you eavesdrop, I will kill you.


Mary Weather - That's right. He is like air. You only realize it once it's gone. He has surrounded you warmly. Isn't there anything else to replace it. The more you think about it, the harder it is to breathe. If this continues on...he will die


Cain - I'm only suggesting what might have happened. I didn't want her scent in my tea. And I certainly didn't want that old man dressing me. You're the only one who can touch my scars Riff.


Riff - Like Lord Dudley, I was always watching you.
Cain - Liar. You were too busy for that.
Riff - True. But when I lost sight of you, I would follow your thoughts. Your favourite place, the path you liked, the tree you liked to sit under ...as I searched for you, worrying about whether you were crying...strangely I always found you.
Cain - Of course. You belong to me alone. So you must never get hurt without my permission. This belongs to me...the only hand allowed to tie my shoelaces.
Cain - I no longer know whether I belong to him or he belongs to me. That's my lion's crest.

Their complete utter dependence on each other is actually rather scary. I believe some of the fanletters that Kaori Yuki got asked, "If Riff is gone, how is Cain supposed to tie his shoelaces or dress himself? O__O". I found that amusing.
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