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I think I need to lock emo-prone entries. Also, as much as I appreciate and love you guys, you don't need to worry so much. I'm not so fragile that I break down every time I post something vaguely emo-ish. So. Um. Don't worry so much. Because I have a very large conscience and guilt complex and whatever makes you sad would most likely make me feel like shit. I don't like feeling like shit. It's a horrible frame of mind I tell you.

That being said, my little depression posts last about a second unless I tell you otherwise. I've got tough skin. Don't underestimate it. :D
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=P I know what you mean by that. Hey hey, when you do need us to worry, let us know, 'kay?
Of course. I know how it feels when something is bothering a friend and you have no idea what to do. D:
You didn't make me sad, you pissed me off! *kick*

Of course we worry! And you use such extreme 'off in the deep end of depression' language sometimes! You wax poetic! YOU HAVE NOT ONE NOTE OF 'MAYBE EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE'!!! AND IT'S THE SAME FEW PHRASES REPEATED THAT TURN UP EVERY NOW AND THEN!!!! *kicks again* What am I supposed to think? You're Mary freakin' Poppins and you didn't like your medecine flavour that day????

A small note at the end saying 'venting' or 'it isn't all that bad' is good. Maybe even self-deprecating humour that doesn't make it sound like you have no faith in yourself.

'vaguely emo-ish' *_____* <----death glare. Vaguely.

I concur that feeling like shit is a horrible frame of mind. Now we can bond over that agreement and hug. Then we can take a photograph.
Don't be sorry. Rajeeta's just being knee-jerk. Emo all you want, but don't lock us out. I'm usually the one emoing, I like hugging when the emo happens.
I hug! I don't mind being supportive and happy and good friend-y, but if you've got that covered then I'll do the bad cop parody. I don't want her to lock us out, I want her to stop making me panic and stop saying stuff like 'I'm useless' when she doesn't clarify that she doesn't really mean it. Because if she doesn't, then that's good, but if she does, I'm going to kick her ass into next Sunday. If the emo happens often and NONE OF IT LASTS then it depresses or infuriates for no particluar reason. It's good to vent emo (hello, you've seen either my version of Ayesha emo with poetic leanings or my emo emo, or my temp emo...) and have friends respond in the positive (We've had part of this conversation, I love my friends) but what she means needs to be clear, not how pretty the language is.

Also, if I believe that one of you is really depressed I write looooooooooooooooooooooong comments that take me an hour. T___T I need to get rid of that tendency to be verbose.

Gowri's right, don't be sorry. It isn't a bad habit, at least not all the time, I know where you're coming from because I do it sometimes as well. Um, by 'knee-jerk' does she mean this is my automatic reaction or that I am a jerk of the knee kind?
she means automatic reaction.

Long comments are good. Any comment cheers me up. I'm simple that way.

Being clear...might be hard in some situations. Otherwise, I'll be glad to clarify.