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Title - Part Of
Fandom - enChant arMs
Pairing - Touya x Atsuma FLUFF
Ratings - G

Touya knew he shouldn't have given that piece of advice to Atsuma. "Go play with someone else" he had said. He sighed. He was only fourteen, but he felt like a child who had done something incredibly stupid. What bothered him the most was that, the minute Atsuma left the house, it should have dawned on him.

So when Atsuma came back with a morose look in his eyes (it didn't suit him, Touya thought irritably, another consequence of his mistake)and the bruises on his arms and legs, Touya couldn't supress his own self-loathing.

"What happened?"

Atsuma ignored the question and laid his right arm on the table loudly. Touya stared at him quizzically, "Yes?"

"Cut it off," Atsuma said bluntly.


"Cut it off. The entire thing."

"Wait a minute-,"

"I told you to cut it off!" Atsuma burst out, "Just do it already!" and almost immediately clenched his eyes shut as if in fear of Touya's wrath. Touya sighed. He never knew what to say whenever Atsuma met the local children.

[but secretly, he wanted to tell Atsuma, you're human, more human than I'll ever be and if they don't understand, I'm here, still here, doesn't that count?]

[he would never tell him that]

"Atsuma," Touya said finally, "Your hand is dirty. Please get it off from my table."

Atsuma opened one eye carefully and slowly dropped his right arm to his sides. His head drooped like an errant schoolchild caught with his hand in the cookiejar.

[once Makoto had told him that he babied Atsuma too much. But really, if he didn't do it, who would?]

"Come here," Touya said, "I'll put some ointment for those bruises."

"They don't hurt," Atsuma replied a little too quickly.

"Of course," Touya said, smirking slightly, "The ointment will simply remove the marks." and thanked the world that Atsuma is so gullible.

Touya took out some ointment and cotton wads. He always kept some medicines stocked in his room for Atsuma. His parents didn't know and Touya preferred to keep it that way.

Atsuma winced as Touya dabbed his wounds gently. Touya frowned and quietly said, "What did they throw at you?"

"Just rocks," Atsuma said nonchalantly, "It doesn't hurt."

"Really?" Touya said in a bored tone, "Because this looks like a burn mark to me."

Atsuma winced, "Well, there was this one Enchant guy..."

[if the guilt grew beyond what he was feeling right now, Touya would probably ban Atsuma from going anywhere without him]

"Well, the pain should go by tomorrow," Touya said, ignoring Atsuma's half-hearted protests that it didn't hurt, "So, why don't we go out? I got my allowance from my parents."

Atsuma's eye lit up and he grinned, "The Pizza Parlor?"

"Sure," said Touya, mentally gauging the prices in his head.

[Touya never liked pizza. Never will, but Atsuma never needed to know that]

Atsuma grinned and all previous hurts and grievances forgotten, "Yay! Pizza!"

[And Makoto always griped that no matter what happened, Touya would always support Atsuma over himself. Don't be so self-sacrificing, Makoto said accusingly. But Touya didn't mind.]

"You're human! Don't forget that! You're human!"

[it was a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things]


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