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Title - Untitled piece (how original)
Fandom - EnChant arMs (yeah, I'll be on this for a while)
Notes - AU. A slightly different version of the aftermath of the Queen of Ice [STABS HER]. Touya-centric
Pairing - Touya x Atsuma (DUH)

Touya woke up to the sound of bells chiming gently. He blinked and turned to his side slightly. Makoto was there, looking like someone from a funeral. He noticed Touya move and smiled, "I see you're up Touya &hearts"

Touya winced. His back was throbbing and his ribs was definitely not in a good state. He closed his eyes...at least two broken ribs, sprained wrist and a couple of bruises on his legs. The damage could have been worse. Again, he tried to recall the events before...

"...Yokohama City?" Touya said softly.

"Gone," Makoto turned away, "But you knew that already."

He did. The news didn't surprise him.


"They're still looking."

[something was missing. There was a absence, a presence that needed to be filled]

Touya's eyes snapped open and he got out of bed, "Where's Atsuma?"

[Despite Makoto's constant harrasement, Makoto was never cruel to Atsuma. And Touya suspected that Makoto did indeed like Atsuma. The sadness in his eyes now confirms that suspicion]

"The Devil Golem said something about using him as a Sorcery Vessel," Makoto shrugged, "I don't know. The ceiling began to crumble and Atsuma used his arm to destroy the debris, but I think she-,"

Touya began to slide out of bed. His legs groaned at the effort, but he ignored them.

[you're hopeless without me]
[then it's a good thing you're still here]

[your right arm...]
[I didn't think ....that you would give me shit about my arm]


"Touya!" Makoto pushed him back on the bed, "You still need to--,"

"Shut up," Touya grimaced, "That bubble-head has no idea how to take care of himself. He'll get sick."

"You always were a motherhen," Makoto muttered, slight jealously mixed with his concern.

Touya smirked and reached for his weapon.

"-But I'm not letting you go," Makoto said finally, punching Touya in the stomach. Touya gasped and fell back into unconsciousness. Makoto sighed and placed him back on the bed.

"Man, my heart hurts," Makoto whined, "I hate being the third wheel. You better be alive Atsuma. Otherwise...otherwise...who's going to wait for Touya?"

[sometimes, it did hurt that people followed him everywhere, but Atsuma didn't. Atsuma knew better. He waited]


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