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Dear Ubisoft,


No Love,

Other than that, my progress has been slow (I blame this on the number of useless golem battles I've been having). Also, the loss of Touya and Makoto from my team IS NOT GOOD [m-m-my summons D:]. On the other hand, we have Karin and Raiga. I-I think I'm secretly in love with Karin who is her own special awesome (she just is. Accept it). Raiga reminds of Ziggy (please dun hurt me Raiga). Speaking of Ziggy, I must look up the rest of the Xenosaga III cutscenes. Reasons why

1) T-elos tops and she tops KOS-MOS hard. Don't believe me, check the trailers.
3) See Reason 2
4) More Kevin.
5) More Allen (I need to see him confess. Dork love~)
6) What happens to chaos

...Yeah. Pretty much that.

Also got my hands on Utena. I-I-I can see the resemblance to Ouran. No really. Even some of the music is identical. And everyone (except for Juri) is a DORK. No really.

Touga - Oh babe, you lit the fires in my heart.
Me - *DIES*

Miki - [thinks] Look, she's cheering me on! She wants me to do this!
Miki - [D:]

And I love the shadowgirls. Still think Touga is a complete utter dickweed (which is okay), Saionji is a sincere prick (I know. He's an oxymoron. Really). Anthy is ...meh. Creeps me out. Utena is also kinda meh...I'm amused that she has fangirls. Yes, fangirls. Other than that, so far so good. But really, I'm still in the Rose Bride Arc. Once I get into the Black Rose, I'll be singing a VERY DIFFERENT TUNE.
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Raiga~!!!! He's sooooo adorable. Especially with Sayaka. ^^

And Karin is awesome. But her cooking... >__<

...WHAT. You haven't watched the cut scenes yet? FAIL.

KOS-MOS got topped. Yeeeeah. Reeeeeeally hard. Erk.

Allen was like... waoh. I MUST PROTECT J00 CHIEF!!!!1!!!! *cue monster fighting* Shion and him were cute in the end.

choas. Hm. choas. Er. Yes. Him. The ending. Well.

Canaan is hot. Very hot. HOT HOT HOT LIKE POTATOES.

B-but Jiiiiiiiin~ T____T [SPOILER]wry did he have to diiiiiie~ even if it was a holycowhecanfight awesome heroic death~[/SPOILER]


Hush you

Yeah I saw that.

The ending was adorable. :D I LOVE ALLEN.

I know what happens to him. Still wanna see it though.


Yeah, that was depressing. D:
FEI!? ELLY!? What? Where? Is that series actually approaching reconnection with it's original PLOTLINE!? O.O Explain all that you know of these two to me NOW!!!! IT IS VITALY IMPORTANT AND MAY EVEN CAUSE ME TO RE-ADOPT THESE GAMES!!

Also, anyone who is like Ziggy is good! Because Ziggy is awesome and he whup yo' arse (one of the few saving notes of fancandy grace that the first game even had).
If you actually got past the second game, you would have known this already. >.> So I have no sympathy for you whatsoever. I'm not sure of the connection. They simply feature as part of the plot (Elly knows chaos though and they talk in the second game).

Except Raiga has a fiancee that could whoop his ass so badly. :D
Nonononono... see this could possibly be eiether a random refference to the ORIGINAL game (ie; Xenogears, of which all this Xenosaga nonsense is but a prequel/history lesson) or an actual plot connection. Is there any chance this Elly might have reddish-orange hair?

And, in my own defense, I still would not touch the second game with a ten foot pole. They raped the battle system! I would re-play the first game but it just got to be too tedious for me.
I don't think it's a random reference. Also, Elly does have orange hair.

...At least get to the third game and finish the damn series. (the ending is worth it)
Wait. Ending. What? But it's only had three episodes... there has to be something more they have to... no, wait, Ep IV was covered in the Xenogears timeline, now that I think about it (the whole thing involving Roni, Lacan, etc.).

And yeah, immadiately after my comment I went and spammed Google to find out. *smiles saddly* It seems fitting that the original Elly was Abel's mother. Makes a lot of sense. And makes me feel nostalgically angsty for Fei. And, just so you know, I will be having a long fangirly discussion about just how potentially hazardous to the fabric of the universe Fei/Abel is.

And I shall take pains to do precisely that... once I get a TV so I can finish up FF8, FF12 and KH2, among other things... *is too damn self-denial centered (and cheap) to even think about buying a TV until she at least has her birthday as an excuse*
*looks up cutscenes on Bluelaguna*


I am so fucking buying and playing this game, JUST FOR THE FUCKING PLOT DETAILS!!!!