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The lyric meme!


1. Choose ten songs (from a playlist)
2. Post one sentence from those songs
3. Have your friends guess them

Avoid Google guys. Ganbare! [Note, all songs are in ENGLISH]

  1. a depth of pure blue just to probe curiosity/ebbing and flowing and pushed by a breeze
  2. Make love like time and space Is ending/While befriending fate's alluring way of putting this to shame (Blue October "Sound of Pulling Heaven Down")(guessed by angevar)
  3. When people run in circles/It's a very mad world(Gary Jules "Mad World")(guessed by misty_writes)
  4. Who could ever ever ask for more/Love without complications galore
  5. I come from wealth and beauty/untouched by work and duty(The Decemberists "We Both Go Down Together") (guessed by bloodie)
  6. The light is green/my slate is clean/new life to fill the hole in me
  7. A figure in the hallway light/returning like a ghost/something that was left behind/something like a child's mind(October Project "Bury My Lovely") (guessed by angevar)
  8. You won't see no tears from me when I say goodbye/I've still got my family and my Firefly
  9. But it's all relative/even if you don't understand/Well it's all understood (Jack Johnson "It's All Understood")(guessed by angevar)
  10. Try to slip past his defense/without granting innocence(The Fray "How to Save a Life")(guessed by misty_writes)
Let's see how well you guys can get these
Tags: earth to mars do you read me?, hee, meme-ing

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