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So, someone posted the Slayers Movies for me. I just finished Slayers Premium.

As usual (sadly, I have come to expect this), it was on some high definition crack.

It had -
1) A matrix joke (considering this came out BEFORE the Matrix, I wonder how they pulled that off)
2) Lina/Gourry hints like woah (I totally don't mind this as long as they're still dorky as hell)
3) Xellos (screentime? WHAT screentime)
4) Tentacle raaaaaaaaaaaaape (again, my canon is always awesome)
5) Talking octopuses (with ruffles!)
6) a conclusion to the story that frankly worried me. XD
7) Zel looked poofy. Obviously Amelia has been doing his hair
8) Special appearance of Nagi! XDDDDDDD I knew it was her!

The animation improved, but Xellos looked shota stfu he did okay?

Now to get, Slayers Great, Slayers Gorgeous and Slayers the Motion Picture. Honestly, if I didn't love this show, I would have given up by now.

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Slayers Premium! Of all the Slayers movie, this is the only one I haven't watched. T_T And too bad too! All the other movies feature Lina and Nagi, and as amazingly hilarious that is, I'd love to see Gourry and gang in a movie! XDD I can just imagine the ruckus they cause. :P

But anyway, is it true that Nagi and Amelia never meet in the movie?
Saaaad. I really wanna see what would happen if those two met. I think there're hints in the novel or something that Nagi is Amelia's estranged elder sister.
A pre-Matrix Matrix joke...? o.O Wow, that is impressive. And I've finally come to the conclusion that unless I take another year and a half off to goof off sometime in the future I am probably never going to watch all these damn shows. Which is a pity because anything with tentacle rape and talking octopuses is probably worth watching just for posterity's sake even if you didn't think this show was the most cracktastic thing ever.