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"I suspected, but I didn't think it was the wicked witch of the witness stand." - Edgeworth

Oldbag - how have you been my Edgey-Wedgey?
Edgeworth - by all means, interrupt her.

Edgeworth - you lack one critical thing Wright.
Phoenix - ...?
Edgeworth - "teamwork"

Edgeworth - I think I found the answer I was looking for,
Phoenix - You did?
Edgeworth - And by the end of the trial, you will to.

Phoenix - I hate you. I never wanted to see you again.
Edgeworth - Your hatred of me is rather unhealthy Wright. And one-sided.

Oldbag - I'm only interested in real men!
Phoenix - (Ummm...but those two were the same age...)
Tags: hee, that gay lawyer game, those ohteepeess, zomg

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