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Is it just me or has the last two weeks been rather tiring and annoying?

Apparently, I'm distantly related to Arundhati Roy. O___O I kid you not. My grandmother knows the people in the book, one of the characters showed up for my uncle's wedding etc etc.

Also, our Malayam name (aka - our house name. kinda like royalty crests with mottos) means "invicible" or "one that cannot be moved". My dad enlightened me on some family history.

...which was really cool actually. :D
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well it sometimes makes me wonder, whether our parents are telling the truth about it or not.

My dad say that my surname in Chinese represents the king's general or bodyguard or something like that.`
I know that my parents aren't lying to me. Mainly because I know my family history comes from close-knit communities.
That's really cool! ^0^b

We don't have a house name, but our family name means simple and modest, which is not as cool though:)
umm...didn't your family have something to do with pototoes or some other kind of vegetable?