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...LJ, I love you. I do.

....but the pink and heart theme is creeping me out.

Sharing an anecdote from History class

Chris White - I couldn't figure out why they were laughing at me when I talked about pregnancy.
Class - What did you say?
Chris White - To be fit, you need to do aerobics. And twisting.
Gowri/Me/Ambreen - *INSTANT FATALITY XD*
Chris White - What's so funny? You need twisting!

I couldn't tell if he was being funny or not. :D

Surprisingly, this Valentine's Day has been eventful. Not for me, but for everyone else....I think. I'm just worried about colleges (D:) and school work. My exam assessments were not pretty. Other than that, I seem to be....on some outer plane of existence. It's like I've stopped paying attention to everything that should matter. Or does matter. Hm.

I have too much music. I never thought about this, but now that I've found the loophole in the search system, almost every song I've ever wanted, I've found (plus some new stuff).

...So I have no idea what to do. My anime downloading is kind of restricted to Bleach and Code Geass. The D.Grayman fillers are over as of today, but I'm still don't know if I should risk it.

Ah, rambling. How I've missed you. Now, if the massive headache lodged in my brain could be nice enough to leave, I'm sure we can have fun together.
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You forgot to mention that he THEN continued to talk about how his wife "didn't let him go down South of the Equator because she wanted it to remain a secret" or something.

...at which point my brain was going wtfwtfwtf.