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Most fandoms have wank when discussing pairings.

But the Code Geass fandom has crack

Some of the Pairings listed -

1) Lelouch/Lelouch (admit it, it's hot)
2)Lelouch/Everybody (Lulu is a ho)
3)Everybody/Everybody (this is also inexplainably hot. Damn you CLAMP)
4)Lloyd/Lancelot (aka - the shiny Gundam)
5)C.C/Cheese-kun(aka - Pizza Hut)
6) Lelouch/Orange-kun(aka - Jeremiah)
9) Clovis/Lelouch (Awesome)
10) Lelouch/Suzaku (aka - the Athrun/Kira story)
11) Lelouch/Shirley (&hearts)
12) Lelouch/C.C (It should be the other way. C.C wears the pants in this relationship)
13) Lelouch/Kallen (XD)
14) Mao/Chainsaw (...)
15) Lelouch/Cornelia (INCEEEEEEEEEEST)
16) Euphemia/Awesome (she is awesome. I admit that much)
17) Suzaku/Nunnaly (the blind girl needs to get some too)
18) Lelouch/Chess (but secretly, we all love it)

And WE HAD NO WANK. AT ALL. SO AWESOME. I LOVE THIS FANDOM. SERIES. THANK YOU GOD. Why the hell aren't my other fandoms this cool? I'm looking at you Bleach
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