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attack of the RUNES

I-I want more games. D:

SUIKODEN III IS PRETTY. It's like a copy of Fire Emblem with more characters. The manga is awesome.

And Lucia would give Izumi (from FMA) a run for her money. XD

The characters are awesome
it has the whole politics-background-culture clash down pat.
Caesar is awesome (and gay. very gay)
Albert is awesome (...for different reasons)
Luc needs to get laid.
Sasarai....is meh (and a suggested voyeur)
Hugo is very, very cool
I like Chris and her group of knights. Especially Percival and Boric. XD

So far, I've gotten through 8 volumes and I have about three more to go. Why isn't there an FE manga like this? D:
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I haven't read it in a while but please don't compare it to Fire Emblem.
I disagree, but that's just 'cause I'm being stubborn. the games are completely different though...
I haven't played any of Fire Emblem but I'm a long time follower of the Suikoden series. :3 Luc was a recruitable character in 1 and 2; it hurts to see him be a 'bad guy' in Suiko3. ;____; He's popularly slashed with Hero 1 (Tir McDohl) which I highly approve of. :3 :3 It's a shame Tir didn't show up in Suiko3 to give Luc a good lay. Oh well.

If you ever pick up any of the Suikoden games, they're all within the same timeline but within different lands. It's pretty cool. Order goes like this: Suikoden 4, Tactics, 5, 1, 2, Gaiden 1 & 2, and lastly 3.

It's strange though. This is the only game in which I prefer a het pairing. XD All the other Suikoden games, I like yaoi pairings... here, I actually support Chris x Hugo. XD XD XD (Yes, that order.)

Hope you can get the last three. :3
I didn't know that. :D

The only problem with me getting the games is that I lack a PS2. I might pick one up, but I'm not sure whether I should. :S
Suikoden 1 and 2 were for PS1 but they're really, really hard to find. I was lucky and found used copies. Suiko 3, 4, 5 and Tactics are more abundant but they're on PS2. D:

I could totally bombard you with pretty Japanese fanart and doujin scans if you had AIM or something. ;____; I love this series so much~