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MUSIC PIMP POST - Soundtracks

This time, I'm pimping ze soundtracks stuff. Meaning all stuff would probably be instrumental unless stated otherwise.

Remember the rules guyz
1) Snag
2) Comment

Also, I'll be keeping track on who comments and who doesn't. Then the LOCKED POSTS shall come in.


Alan Silvestri - Forrest Gump Suite
-This is one of the prettiest piano suites I've ever heard for a soundtrack. Haunting and lilting at times, Alan Silvestri never disappoints.

Gasaraki - Love Song [vocals]
-MAN, I may not understand what the hell she's singing, but this is how love songs should be sung. Harsh and very tribalish at times, but very addictive.

Hans Zimmer - Kopana III - The Journey [vocals]
-I know we all love Hans Zimmer. But this is his best work ever. Tears of the Sun is his masterpiece where he brings together the sounds and feelings of Africa. I have yet to see him do better than this. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TRACK)

Bryan Tyler - Inama Nushif (Montage) [vocals]
-I LOVE BRYAN TYLER. He did the most awesome job for the Children of Dune soundtrack. This particular song always makes me want to cry. It plays at the part where Paul is meditating and counting the minutes when Chani will die. BREAKS MY HEART. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TRACK)

Shinkichi Mitsumune - Belladona's Snare
-Did I mention my love for piano tracks? Fast-paced with its own buildup, Shinkichi Mitsumune still retains his classical music flair.

Yoko Kanno - Run, Wolf Warrior [vocals]
-Yoko Kanno is a GODDESS OF MUSIC. As a die-hard soundtrack buff, Yoko Kanno's music still beats every single composer I've ever heard. (honestly, the variety of music she uses for each series/movie she composes stuns me every time). Unfortunately, I'm not uploading every single track. >.> That'll take me forever. But this one is really pretty and makes me think of wolves running through fields of grass. :D (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TRACK)

Giovanni Mirabassi - Le Chante Pour Passer
-Honestly, I'm not 100% sure whether this is a soundtrack piece or not. Apparently, this is Byakuya's theme. Very pretty piano piece that captures Byakuya's personality SPOT ON. One of my favourite piano pieces to date.

John Ottman - So Long Superman
-This particular track depresses me at times. If you've seen the movie Superman Returns, you could probably guess where this track is from. I think John Ottman does a fairly good job with the soundtrack. I have more of his stuff, but this is my personal fave.

The London Symphony Orchestra - Laura's Theme

-Last time, I uploaded the Laura's Theme done in piano. This time, it's the actual orchestra theme. Can't say which one is prettier because I love them both. :D (H-H-Highly recommended)

Yeong Wook Jo - The Last Waltz

-I can't remember if I  uploaded this or not.  BUT it doesn't matter. This is a really nostalgic sounding piece with some really pretty violins. A must snag for string lovers (like moi)

Yoko Kanno - Spy
-Okay. I lied. This song suits any James Bond movie you'll ever see. It's just cool that way (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Akemi Kimura, Noriyuki Iwadare - Objection! (Phoenix Wright)

-Phoenix Wright  is one of the only games that has its own orchestral  soundtrack. Which rocks. So much.  A  must-snag song for EVERYONE.

Hyrule Symphony - The Legend of Zelda Medley
-Legend of Zelda. In STRINGS. You know you want it. XD (again,  highly recommended)

 Juno Reactor - Teahouse
-Because percussion rocks when done well. (this track was played during Seraph and Neo's battle)

NO BONUS TRACKS THIS TIME. @___@ And remember the rules.
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[asdakjsdgskdfsdkjfh ICON LOVE]

I saw the Final Mix PV today. *___* so pretty~

Yoko Kanno is my favourite composer of all time. No one comes close to her. XD

Snag whatever you like!
Oh me too. It's so lovely...

She does so many amazing things. It's crazy how much variety she has.

OMG one of those is Utena! O.O Man the movie was lovely.
I actually wanted to upload the tokyo.sora medley which is my favourite Yoko Kanno piece, but I couldn't find it. D:

I LOVED the movie so much. Though it was weird seeing Touga as a semi-nice guy instead of a jackass. XD
OMG Gasaraki! I love that ending song! X3 The animation for it was kind of strange but it was very stirring!

Juno Reactor is awesome, I wish the actual track was a little longer. I've always liked listening to their stuff when I want to draw or when I'm driving long distances.

The Last Waltz is pretty~ ;___;

I haven't grabbed everything yet but I wanted to comment and thank you for posting! X3 X3
What exactly is Gasaraki? I've heard of it, but never watched it. XD

Juno Reactor is awesome. Actually, most of the music in the Matrix soundtracks are pretty cool. Very preppy kind of music.

Last Waltz is always pretty~

Of course! Enjoy.
[Actually, it's #4]

If you like that, I'll give you the entire soundtrack. I have all the Dune soundtracks. XD
T_____T Can't you start posting up a zip with everything? I'm so laaazy...

I'll probably grab them later. The only one I believe I have is the Forrest Gump one, and it'd be nice to here Laura's Theme done by an orchestra.

*sigh* sleeepy.

Thank you!
.zips are good only if you're going to take everything. For all I know, some people might already have the tracks I've put up.

You're welcome. Go to sleep. XD
snagging them all for the love of music + listening will come after shortly, whee~ thanks!
oh goodie, so if I posted music, would you download it? Cause last time I think only Viola downloaded anything, and only after a lot of bugging