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Han told me she hasn't read Watership Down and I promptly keeled over in shock. I'm getting too used to the fact that for some reason, we all know the same books. XD Like proper geeks.

1. Watership Down by Richard Adams - it's Lord of the Rings. With RABBITS. It's awesome and I love the little stories of El-airahah that are inserted and Bigwig wins as the coolest rabbit ever.
2. Finder by Emma Bull - I want more of Emma Bull's fantasy. It's a mix of elves and humans and various other species living in a slum town. Elves smoking pot and opening dance clubs. And if that isn't all, Tick-Tick is WINRY and she OWNS your soul. Don't mess with the Ticker. :D

That's my two cents. I've read too many books so I can't remember them all. Put in your suggestions and I'll add them in.
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