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Games I need to pick up for the DS -

1) Resident Evil
2) Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin
3) Metroid Prime Hunters
4) Elite Beat Agents
5) Harvest Moon
6) Final Fantasy III
7) Viewtiful Joe - Double Trouble

Big maybe...

1) FMA - Dual Sympathy (based on the anime and you get to draw alchemy circles :D) Didn't look too good up person.
2) Ultimate Spiderman (because the Spiderman videogames are all made of CRACK)
3) Need for Speed - Most Wanted (might pick this up for XBox instead)
4) Battles of Prince of Persia (...yeah...)DEFINITELY

There are more, I'm sure. Problem is, I tend to forget which ones I want, so I'm listing them here.
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